Preview: #2 Minnesota vs Tampa/BRRG

Preview: #2 Minnesota vs Tampa/BRRG Windy vs Minnesota, August 2014. Photos (c) Danforth Johnson

The third quarterfinal will see the second-seeded Minnesota RollerGirls looking to take the first step towards a return to Champs after a year away following an unfortunate draw last year that saw them beaten in the semis by Gotham only to fall to their oldest of enemies in the third place game.

Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

Their odds look better this year. A semifinal against Denver seems very likely–and that could be very interesting indeed.

Slambda Phage has come into her own this year, Second Hand Smoke goes from strength to strength, and the rest of their blocking corps is as solid as ever. They seem to have taken the off-season loss of Juke Boxx to London in their stride–indeed, her departure actually seems to have given that blocking corps a chance to step up and coalesce as a unit.

We’re very interested to see how their progress continues.

Minnesota Playoffs Roster

101 Crowella De Vil // 1016 Emily Brucher // 109 Psycho Novia // 13 Medusa // 172 Shiva Shankn // 1764 Madame de Stompadour // 1837 Diamond Rough // 196 madrad // 2 Meg Gronau // 211 Obscene Sheen // 22 Slambda Phage (C) // 28 Scarmen Hellectra // 40 Sampson // 5 Son of Sampson // 667 Shiver Me Kimbers // 727 Trudy // 75 Harmony Killerbruise // 8 Smoka Hontas // 84 Rhea Volt // 9 Second Hand Smoke

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