Preview: #4 Rat City vs #5 Terminal City

The #4 vs #5 game is often the highlight of the first day of any WFTDA playoffs–and on occasion the entire tournament. On this occasion it’s taking up the headline spot at 2000 PDT, and we hope it lives up to that headline billing.

This season’s history suggests that Terminal City might struggle a little to make this a classic, but it’s not for lack of trying. The Canadians are 5-5 on the year–but four of those five losses come against top 10 teams. Rat and Terminal have two shared opponents from this year–Montreal and Minnesota–and Rat’s differentials were better by 100 points in both games.

However, Terminal’s Montreal game and Rat’s Minnesota games both looked like they might be outliers from both team’s seasons and perhaps down more to individual circumstance than wider issues–so we think this bout isn’t quite the foregone conclusion those games would suggest.

Terminal’s gameplay this season has been marked by continual tactical experimentation and the same abundance of star passes that defined their 2013 playoff run. Their win over playoff-absentees Oly at The Big O was without question the biggest win in the league’s history and showed what they are capable of when it call comes together; if they can replicate that performance this should be one hell of a game.

Rat City seem to have been rebuilding in various forms for several seasons now. Missile America is still one of WFTDA’s most compelling skaters to watch on the track–sometimes not for the right reasons, but still–while the likes of last year’s breakout star Luna Negra and veteran Carmen Getsome ensure that they’re always going to be a team worth watching.

The winner of this game faces a semifinal against Gotham–but still has a shot at champs via a third-place game with (if things go to seed) the loser of Minnesota vs Denver–a very tall order indeed.

Rat City Playoffs Roster

0 Enurgizer Bunny // 12 Carmen Getsome // 123 Nelson // 15 Megan Havok // 16 RattleSkate // 1618 Sintripetal Force // 22 Sami Automatic (C) // 23 LeBrawn Maimes // 24 Wreck N Shrew // 321 Missile America // 4 Belle Tolls // 46 Patience Grasshopper // 505 Teddy Rupp // 53 Raven Seaward // 62 Domino // 761 Rawkhell SqWelch // 808 Kendle Bjelland // 88 Ophelia Melons // 9 Rumble Fist // 911 Luna Negra

Terminal City Playoffs Roster

00 Robinson // 110 Tekonomy // 1111 Sundown // 121 Jig-A-Watt Jaxon // 1223 Kim Janna // 16 Palmer // 18 MacKenzie // 191 NazDroveya Wylde // 31 Eve Hallows // 44 luludemon // 46 Hurt Russell // 47 Scarlett Bloodbath // 51M Simonius Smaximus // 52 Evada Peron // 69 Flower Plow’her // 77 Suggitt // 84 Harvey (C) // 88 Maiden Sane // MG42 Griffith // T101 Schwarzemegger

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.