D1S: #4 Rat Edges Out #5 Terminal

SACRAMENTO, CA–The #4 seed vs #5 seed is always the game to watch at playoffs, and the Sacramento square-off between #4 Rat City (WFTDA #16) and #5 Terminal City (WFTDA #18) was no exception. The bout was a barnburner from start to finish, with Rat City edging Terminal out 191-142.

Rat City started the first two jams from the pivot line, but it was evident following that that they were just making an effort to secure the front line at the scrum start. They seemed to use it as a wedge to help play a bit offense for their jammer while holding Terminal’s jammer. Rat played their game: aggressive and strategic, but Terminal dished it right back.

Terminal got the first lead and two points, but after that Rat seemed to capitalize more when they got scoring passes. Terminal earned the dubious honor of being the first to get a jammer penalty, a block with the head by Evada Peron. Luckily for Peron, her blockers did a good job holding Rat to one pass. Rat pushed their lead to 27-4 about ten minutes into the game.

Rat continued to take the front line the rest of the game, looking comfortable there utilizing triangle defense. Both teams showed their close rank in skill and skater prowess, but the point spread told a different story. A power jam for Terminal helped them close the gap a bit to 19 points but Rat returned the favor by breaking the lead back open by reinforcing their offense and forcing Terminal into star passes. Getting forced into the back line gave Terminal no favors, and their offensive efforts were quickly shut down. Rat continued to get good points while Terminal had to fight for points. At the half, Rat held the lead 82-46.

A power jam for Terminal early in the second half brought the game back to arms reach for them with a 26 point gap. That continued to be the only way they could really do any damage. Terminal’s pack awareness and recovery was quick and decisive, but Rat maintained their lead to a 191-142 win. Terminal seemed to have a late surge, but that died with a handful of jammer penalties.

Rat faces Gotham tomorrow at 2pm CDT, while Terminal hits the consolation bracket and plays first thing tomorrow morning against Blue Ridge.