D1S: #5 Terminal Curtails #10 Blue Ridge 377-76

SACRAMENTO, CA–Day two of D1 playoffs kicked off with a matchup between #5 seed Terminal City (WFTDA #18) and #10 seed Blue Ridge (WFTDA #41). This was the first game of the consolation bracket; Blue Ridge lost to #7 seed Tampa 337-74 in the second game of the weekend, while Terminal City lost to #4 seed Rat City 191-142 in game six last night.

Terminal City came out of the starting blocks fighting hard, drawing jammer penalties and taking an early lead of 48-4 with just a few minutes down. This proved characteristic of the game’s first quarter: Blue Ridge suffered a raft of jammer penalties, while the Canadians’ aggressive offense resulted in a string of blocker penalties that were easily diminished during power jam situations.

Blue Ridge was able to find some success in the second quarter of the game, with Lady Rider and Skelley Tor managing to snatch lead a handful of times while powerhouse blockers Coma N. Ducer, Boot Scootin Bully and Ashevillain held Terminal on their initial for a single lap of the track. But their success was limited by Terminal’s solid walls, particularly the stand-out wall comprised of Brittany Palmer, Flower Plow’er and Eve Hallows. By half time, the score sat at 198-33 to Terminal.

Terminal continued to dominate in the second half, but it was once again Lady Rider and Skelley Tor who held it down for Blue Ridge. Both jammers worked hard to bust open walls while staying clean and keeping jams short when not called lead. On the Terminal side, new transfer Maiden Sane made a name for herself by treating the pack as her own personal pinball machine, while pint-sized Evada Peron proved that size doesn’t matter with her ability to blast through braced four walls with ease.

Lady Rider got an easy run with 20 mins left to go – with all but one Terminal blocker in the box, Lady blitzed by Megan Griffith for an easy 4-0. The following jam, Skelley Tor grabbed a few more points and brought the scoreline to 255-57. But before Blue Ridge had the opportunity to revel in their successes, the mighty Maiden Sane took the track against Beer Wench, who took a trip to the penalty box, allowing Maiden to clock up another 25 points for the Canadians.

Late in the game, Evada Peron was sent to the box twice in one jam, offering up a huge opportunity for Blue Ridge to score. After not finding a gap in the first 30 seconds, She-Wrex passed the star to Sugar Magmaulya but after more than a minute of fighting, Sugar was sent to the box on a cut, leaving both jammers sitting at the start of the following jam.

Terminal continued on their huge points run right through to the last second – jammer Simonius Smaximus fought for a full minute of the last jam before handing the star to pivot Scarlett Bloodbath. At the final whistle, the score stood at 377-76.

Terminal advances towards 5th place to play against Kansas City, while Blue Ridge will play for 9th against the winner of Santa Cruz vs New Hampshire.