D1S: #5 Terminal Dismisses #8 Kansas City

SACRAMENTO, CA–Saturday’s third consolation game saw #5 seed Terminal City up against #8 seed Kansas City (KCRW). KCRW was trying to bounce back from a crushing 519-17 loss to top seed Gotham in Friday quarterfinals, while Terminal City was coming off a Saturday-morning 377-76 win over #9 seed Blue Ridge. After a relatively close first half, Terminal City delivered a much more effective second effort and their second rout of the day, whomping KCRW 263-115.

It was the second meeting of the year between the two teams; at May’s Big O tournament, Terminal City had taken a somewhat smaller win over Kansas City, 249-150.

Kansas City took the first three jams and looked to be threatening an upset early, going up 19-0 quickly on jams from Peter Baberiel, Enigma and Dr. Dread. However, that got answered comprehensively by Terminal City over the next few frames, as the #5 seed went on a 36-1 run to own a 36-20 lead with about 17 minutes to go.

Kansas City got some traction back there when Terminal City jammer Evada Peron was boxed twice on the same jam; though Terminal City defense held Dr. Dread to only 5 on that jam, KCRW’s Peter Babriel got another 4 on the other side of the penalty, making it 36-29 Terminal City with about 15 to play in the first half.

That was the last time KCRW was in striking distance, though. Once Terminal City got out of their penalty trouble, they got right back to stuffing Kansas City. Terminal’s weekend ace Maiden Sane erased all of the comeback and considerably more with a momentum-crushing 25-0 jam. Kansas City called their first timeout there at 61-29 with 12:15 in the first half.

The teams traded lead jammer calls for most of the rest of the half, but Terminal City’s defense, led by Scarlett Bloodbath, Flower Plow’her and MacKenzie, managed to barely get the better of most of them. Going into the halftime break, Terminal City had inched their lead forward to 42 points at 96-54.

Chances for a Kansas City comeback were snuffed out quickly after the break, as KCRW went into a penalty spiral that put every blocker either in the box or in the queue in the opening jam. For six jams in a row, KCRW was working with only 2 or 3 blockers on the track; during that run, Terminal pushed the margin to over 100 points, making it 166-65 with about 22 minutes to play.

Those penalties, combined with a much stouter Terminal City defense and some tiring Kansas City jammers, changed the margin from a solid lead to an outright rout. The second half went 117-9 Terminal City over the first 15 minutes, putting the game far out of reach at 213-65 with a quarter of the game still to play.

Though Kansas City finally got some scoring happening with the help of Terminal City jammer penalties in the homestretch, the final still went huge to Terminal City by 148, 263-115.

Terminal City’s win will put them in Sunday’s 5th place game against the winner of the Tampa / Santa Cruz game; Kansas City will try to improve their seeding in the 7th place game against the loser of that game.