D1S 9th: New Hampshire Crests Blue Ridge, 168-111

SACRAMENTO, CA–New Hampshire opened strong and were able to escape a second-half comeback by Blue Ridge to take 9th place at the first D1 tournament, 168-111.

Blue Ridge opened the game with two lead jams and 3 and 2 points for a 5-0 lead. New Hampshire turned the tables with a 15 point jam by Game Ovaries while her blockers worked over She-Wrex, ultimately forcing her into a penalty–the first of a string of power jams that plagued both sides throughout the opening period.

After New Hampshire had worked up a 26-8 lead, two jammer penalties by Chicana Bruzya, followed by two more by McKilla Queen after the star was passed to her, let Blue Ridge take the lead back and nearly double their score.

New Hampshire upped their defense and two power jams of their own later, grabbed the lead back by three points. The lead went back and forth again, but then New Hampshire started to pull away with the lead. Blue Ridge still had beautiful plays, including poignant hits by Coma Inducer and impressive partner blocking at the front, but Swirko and Ovaries kept pushing through their walls as Blue Ridge jammers struggled at the back.

Blue Ridge tried to keep it close by passing the star immediately off the line to Coma, but she ended up following the opposing jammer to the box to make it a full jam. She proved she was more dynamic than just a blocker and helped put points on the board for Blue Ridge. By the half, New Hampshire held the lead, 94-70.

Blue Ridge started the second half with Sugar Magmaulya in the star and she got four, followed by a power jam with seven. It looked like they might mount a comeback in the second half, but New Hampshire calmed down and took control. Their blockers worked hard at edging out Blue Ridge jammers at the last second, and helped their own jammers with a some offense. Blue Ridge mostly stayed on defense but did add offensive plays off the line in effort to get lead.

Despite Blue Ridge keeping New Hampshire scoreless for seven jams, they couldn’t get enough points on the board and fill the gap. They proved that they could definitely hang in the lower end of the top forty, but New Hampshire held it together, despite nine jammer penalties, to take 9th place with a 168-111 win.