About DNN

Founded in 2007, Derby News Network is the world’s #1 destination for coverage of the sport of modern roller derby.

Mission & Vision

Here’s what drives us.

Viewer Supported

In addition to generous financial support provided by sponsors and advertisers, DNN is funded by our readers. By relying on voluntary contributions to support our coverage efforts, we’re able to minimize our reliance on outside funding sources. This keeps us highly responsive to the needs and priorities of our audience, while harmonizing with the DIY ethos underlying the sport.

Volunteer Powered

Like the many local leagues who, since 2001, have reinvented roller derby from the ground up as a true, competitive team sport, and like the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association which serves as its key governing body, DNN is a labor of love created collaboratively by volunteers. Over the course of each year, many hundreds of modern derby enthusiasts contribute their Cognitive Surplus* to further DNN’s mission.


While it takes a cast of hundreds (soon to be thousands?) to make DNN, a few key people contribute above and beyond. Get to know us.

* Cognitive Surplus: the modern tendency to allocate more and more free time to collaborative, creative online projects (like Wikipedia, LOLcats, Star Wars Uncut, and so many others) in place of time once spent passively watching television. More on the Cognitive Surplus from Wired, TED, and Wikipedia itself.