Danger (ismymiddlename)

D2KW: Berlin Shuts Down DC, 166-156

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–The top-seeded DC Rollergirls faced Bear City’s 9-seeded Berlin Bombshells in the fourth game of the Kitchener-Waterloo games, and what a game it was. These teams have faced each other twice in the past two years, with Bear City taking the win in 2012–shortly before DC went to the final Eastern Regional tournament where they finished 6th–and DC taking the win in early May this year at the Beach Brawl. Bear City made it 2-0 on the day, and 2-1 all-time against DC, with a last-jam 166-156 win.

Angel Avenges Denver, 186-152

This game was, at least for Angel City, the most anticipated of the tournament. Since Denver took away Angel City’s climb through the WFTDA Championships in Milwaukee last year, when Denver took the game 200-125, Angel City was always going to see this game as the opportunity to set that record right, and test their new relative rankings standing for 2014.

Bay Area Relieves Terminal, 357-96

LOS ANGELES, CA–On the final day of the tournament, and the first publicly ticketed day, we saw yet another new meeting for Terminal City. This game went much as might have been expected from the start, with Bay Area identifying themselves only by number, and not names, a shift in approach that perhaps mimics Gotham’s notorious ‘hive mind’ approach, sloughing off even the transition generally in roller derby towards legal names. This approach was certainly echoed in their play, as they take a solid and all-but-interchangeable approach to gameplay.

Bay Area Fells Angel, 300-81

LOS ANGELES, CA–Having last met at Western regionals back in 2011 (Bay Area triumphing 227 to Angel City’s 70), but each having experienced a huge rise through the WFTDA rankings in the interim, this game was always going to be an interesting test of current rankings, especially given the score that Bay Area had pulled against Denver the day before.

Denver Dismisses Terminal, 379-165

LOS ANGELES, CA–Another new match-up, Terminal City met Denver first up on the second day of the tournament, and gameplay matched the rest of the days, featuring swarming and clustering walls instead of the usual lateral arrangements, with skaters reversing to engage. Star passes were a feature for Terminal, climbing to 7 in this game. With a higher predicted score differential than the previous day’s Angel City / Terminal game, everyone was watching this game’s outcome also as a potential predictor of the outcome of the following day’s Angel City / Denver match-up. And it finished with Denver taking a comfortable win, 379-165.

Angel Disconnects Terminal, 271-97

LOS ANGELES, CA–Terminal City’s impressive on-track performance was surely what convinced Angel City to extend an invitation to them for this tournament at the Richmond playoffs, despite never having met on the track before. And while the score was uneven throughout, gameplay belied it, with Terminal City demonstrating time and again their signature star pass move (three successfully scoring passes in this game alone), taking strategic jammer-on-jammer engagement when trapped, remaining engaged and persistent in every jam. Each team’s penalties sat matched at 34 apiece by the end of the game, but Terminal proved to be plagued by multiplayer penalties, at 11 of their total. Terminal City’s Swartzemegger deserves mention for remaining fast and determined throughout the game, especially given it was her first sanctioned play.