DNN, now with Mollom!

Fake user registrations & comment spam are a never ending battle on DNN. To that end, we’ve decided to give Mollom a try.

CAPTCHA Alternatives

Spambots are smart. Apparently there’s a lot of money in plastering comment threads with ads for counterfeit watches, penis pumps, etc. The CAPTCHA system we use on DNN to test for humans is pretty good and catches the vast majority of spambots. But it’s not perfect, as we saw just today when someone vomited Ugg boots all over our site.

Destination: Logged In

I got a report recently that people were annoyed by the fact that when you use the login link at the upper right of the site, you get pushed off to your account page. Readers don’t want to go their dumb ol’ account page; they want to stay on the page they were on! How else can they make the witty comment they had in mind when they decided to log in in the first place??


We got a report today that someone was having trouble getting past the CAPTCHA on our submission form, so I looked into it and the problem was related to a change I made last week. Some readers may remember that we had a rash of spam comments on the site last week and as part of the effort to curb that bullshit, I ramped up the security so that reCAPTCHA challenges were case-sensitive. I’m not sure why, but that made it impossible to correctly answer.

Event Scheduling

Dear Event Organizers,
For the sake of the wider derby audience, please please stick to the published schedule. Being late happens sometimes, and that’s ok. It’s starting early that’s the problem.

BotB Officials vs. Poultry Derby