Franky Panky: Gulf Coast Romps Over South Florida, 242-91

TAMPA, FLORIDA — In the sole men’s game of Tampa’s Franky Panky weekend, Tampa Bay Men’s Gulf Coast Hurricanes faced off against South Florida Men’s Derby. Though South Florida held the lead initially, home team Gulf Coast reclaimed it quickly and held on to it for the rest of the game. By halftime they had expanded their lead to 113-42; second half chaos saw the score increase to 242-91 in Gulf Coast’s favor.

Franky Panky: #23 Tampa Slams Cape Fear, 336-50

TAMPA, FLORIDA — Game 2 of Franky Panky saw a powerful Tampa (#23 DNN, 6SC WFTDA) take on out-of-region (20E WFTDA) Cape Fear. At their last meeting Tampa Bay won handily 207-45. This game saw an even larger disparity in the teams; by the end of the first half Tampa had marched the score to 167-19 and ended up winning by an overwhelming 336-50.

Franky Panky: Jacksonville Rips Gold Coast, 238-111

TAMPA, FLORIDA — The Franky Panky tournament opened with a rematch from the Clover Cup, as Jacksonville and Gold Coast took to the track. Jacksonville had won by 48 back in March, but dropped a considerably larger margin on their opponents this time. The first half saw Jacksonville march their score upwards despite solid Gold Coast defense; however, Gold Coast’s offense wasn’t quite up to the task, struggling to score many points outside of power jams. At half Jacksonville held a strong 105-42 lead and more than doubled it in the second half, winning 238-111.

#25 Columbia Survives Tallahassee, 155-154

COLUMBIA, SC — Columbia (#25 DNN, unofficially unranked by WFTDA) and Tallahassee (officially #15 in the South Central via WFTDA) took their bout to the last second on March 31, with a last second power jam allowing Columbia to pull out a 155-154 squeaker of a victory.

Clover Cup Final: Houston Takes Clover Cup Over Tampa, 203-84

DALLAS, TX — Top seed Houston (#5SC WFTDA) won the Clover Cup with authority, landing their third triple-digit rout of the weekend in a 203-84 championship win over 3 seed Tampa (#8SC WFTDA).

Clover Cup 3rd Place: Omaha Turns Back OKVD, 130-92

DALLAS, TX — 5 seed Omaha and 8 seed Oklahoma Victory Dolls played almost a year ago, with Omaha narrowly winning 96-84. This Clover Cup 3rd place match started close as well as neither team was able to feel secure for very long during the game. The lead changed constantly in the first half, but OKVD held a small 52-47 halftime lead over higher seed Omaha. In the second half the tides turned dramatically and Omaha surged to a 130-92 win for 3rd place. Though it was a loss for OKVD, they had a successful tournament overall, entering as the lowest of 8 seeds and finishing in 4th.