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The Big O: What We Learned

The Big O provided bouts up and down the WFTDA and MRDA ladders. We’ll be addressing the MRDA results separately, so watch this space. But on to WFTDA…

DNN in 2014 – Opening Everything Up

We’re making some changes around here. You might have seen the new Events and Coverage Calendar, or the updated Score Submission page, or the WFTDA Rankings page; you might appreciate the uptick in the amount of news being posted or myriad other things.

Road to the Hydra: The Richmond Leg

Road to the Hydra: The Richmond Leg Photo: Bob Ayers.

Two down, two to go! With Richmond in the books, here’s the second in our four-part series of high points – and not-so-high points – that defined a tournament.

Road to The Hydra: The Fort Wayne Leg

Road to The Hydra: The Fort Wayne Leg Photo: Dave Wood.

After every playoff, some of our writers are going to look back at what they have learned and how they think what happened that weekend is going to play out for the rest of the season. Enjoy!

The Final Outrage: DNN Retires Power Rankings

After 4 1/2 years of issuing more-or-less regular monthly rankings of the top 25 teams in modern roller derby, along with accompanying analysis, this month we’ve decided to retire the DNN Power Rankings. We’ve considered this move carefully over several months. Here, then, are five reasons why we’re pulling the plug: