Pay Per View: The Enemy of Growth

DNN’s First-Person September continues with something even more unusual for us than narrative: Opinions! Please enjoy our first ever Editorial.

DNN Retrospective, 2010: Growing Pains

DNN Retrospective, 2010: Growing Pains 3rd place bout, 2010 WFTDA Championship Tournament... and DNN was there. Photo: Joe Rollerfan

This is the fourth article a year-by-year retrospective series we’re posting in the week leading up to DNN’s 5th Anniversary. If you’re just joining in, the series starts with Justice’s take on 2007.

DNN Retrospective, 2009: Dawn of the Deathmarch

DNN Retrospective, 2009: Dawn of the Deathmarch Hurt & Justice in St. Paul, Minnesota during the 2009 North Central Regional. Photo: Brad Baldonado.

We’re revisiting DNN’s history this week, one year each day, as we approach our 5th Anniversary on Sunday. This is the third article in the series; for the full historical perspective, you might wish to start with 2007 and 2008.

DNN Retrospective, 2008: Birth of Boutcasting

DNN Retrospective, 2008: Birth of Boutcasting The DNN team at WFTDA East Regionals 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo: Xena Paradox

Each day this week, we’re gearing up for our 5th Anniversary celebration by bringing you our first-person recollections of a year from DNN’s history. Before reading this chapter, you might want to start with Justice Feelgood Marshall’s take on our birth year, 2007.

DNN Retrospective, 2007: Genesis

DNN Retrospective, 2007: Genesis The state of derby journalism circa summer 2007. In the stands at the first Eastern Regionals tournament in Columbus, Ohio. Photo: Glenn Fitzpatrick.

For 5 years, we have generally assiduously avoided using first-person in DNN articles. There are plenty of derby sites with a viewpoint out there and we’ve always tried to nurture a reputation for detached objectivity; DNN has never been a personal blog or an opinion site (yes, yes, Power Rankings aside). As we approach our 5th birthday this weekend, though, we’re breaking character for just a week to tell you a little bit of the background story of how DNN principals Justice Feelgood Marshall, Hurt Reynolds, Gnosis and Mercy Less got from 2007 to 2012, and what we saw and learned along the way.

DNN 5th Anniversary Celebration Preview

Dearest DNN Community,