Community Standards PSA: Don’t Be a Douchebag

We’ve noticed that over the past few months the quality of debate on the site, while generally pretty good, has developed a tendency to descend into incivility quicker than we would like.

DNN Core Staff Update

Longtime readers may have noticed recent changes to DNN’s core crew complement in recent months.

Outage Report & Learning Curve

Outage Report & Learning Curve I swiped their image, so I should probably link out to

Recently we told you about our move to new server hosting on Amazon Web Services. We transitioned DNN and DerbyLife full to the new servers just under two weeks ago, although there’s still a lot of work to do to get it all working the way we want it.

We’re moving!

Five years after DNN moved from hosting at to a virtual private server at, this month we’re making another big move up. We’re doing this for essentially the same reason as five years ago: we’re gearing up for a major overhaul of the site, and we want to give it the foundation it deserves.

Actually Hurt Hurt Reynolds

Totally off-topic for DNN, but enquiring minds need to know: Some of you are wondering what this image is all about.

The Once and Future Staff Blog

There’s been rather a lot going on behind the scenes here at DNN during the “off season” (heh.), so we figured it was high time we resuscitated the Behind the Scenes section in order to fill you in on our doings. We’ve got a some catching up to do, so watch this space over the coming days and weeks for answers to questions like: