DNN 5th Anniversary Celebration Preview

Dearest DNN Community,

Going (More) Global

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The enormous reception for last year’s World Cup forshadowed a growing trend we’re seeing this year: as roller derby spreads globally, participants in more and more nations are looking to internet media as a method for networking and sharing the experience with leaguemates, friends, and family.

To Broadcast, Or Not To Broadcast?

We’ve been fielding a ton of questions about the lack of streaming video from this weekend’s Wild West Showdown. As we’ve said elsewhere, we’re as surprised as anyone else to discover that the event isn’t being streamed.

2011 Contributor Premium Update

2011 Contributor Premium Update Full Team Item: A full set of team uniforms from DerbySkinz, now proudly worn by the Lakeland Ladykillers of Ardmore, Alberta.

If you contributed to DNN’s 2011 General Operations Fund and you selected to receive one of the gifts we had available to you at certain contribution levels, you should have it in your hands by now (with a few exceptions, detailed in the sidebar). We hope you’re enjoying your goodies, and we appreciate your patience with us as it (again) took us more time than we’d first hoped to get everything distributed.

CAPTCHA Alternatives

Spambots are smart. Apparently there’s a lot of money in plastering comment threads with ads for counterfeit watches, penis pumps, etc. The CAPTCHA system we use on DNN to test for humans is pretty good and catches the vast majority of spambots. But it’s not perfect, as we saw just today when someone vomited Ugg boots all over our site.

Destination: Logged In

I got a report recently that people were annoyed by the fact that when you use the login link at the upper right of the site, you get pushed off to your account page. Readers don’t want to go their dumb ol’ account page; they want to stay on the page they were on! How else can they make the witty comment they had in mind when they decided to log in in the first place??