Preview: Anarchy in the UK 2014

LONDON, UK–This is the third Anarchy in the UK since London’s debut onto the WFTDA scene in Anarchy 1 back in 2011, and the first to feature multiple sanctioned games since that most memorable of events. As with the very first one, you can watch every bout from this weekend’s event live on DNN!

Preview: Tinseltown Showdown 2014

Los Angeles, CA–It is not an understatement that this weekend’s Tinseltown Showdown tournament boasts some of the highest-ranking play that Los Angeles will see for 2014.

Weekend Preview: 21-23 March, 2014

Weekend Preview: 21-23 March, 2014 Toronto's Dusty tries to get round Ohio's Lorraine Acid at Quad City Chaos last year. Photo by Paul Devisser

Wow. For a moment before contemplating this weekend’s match-ups, take a moment to step back and look at the sheer number of bouts at all levels we have listed for this weekend. There are 101 bouts we have listed, 50 of which are WFTDA-sanctioned. I think It’s fair to say 2014 has begun.

Men’s Roller Derby World Cup Preview

This weekend sees the first-ever men’s roller derby world cup, taking place in Birmingham, England. It will feature 15 teams: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, USA, and Wales.

D2C: Blue Ridge Rollergirls Preview

D2C: Blue Ridge Rollergirls Preview Photo: Jenni Davidson/Kit Ruff.

MILWAUKEE, WI–Blue Ridge was an exciting new face to watch in the debut of Division 2 playoffs, improving their seeding by one to finish 2nd. Their quick, hoppy jammers, such as CaSlamity Jane and Skelley-tor, kept Duke City and Treasure Valley on their toes, while their powerhouse blockers killed jammer spirits. Ashevillain, Punk Rotten and Coma N. Ducer had very good pack awareness and were able to hold jammers in the engagement zone and knock them out at the last minute when they thought their fight was over.

Preview: The Officials of WFTDA Championships

Well, here it is, folks: the fifth and final Officials Preview for the 2013 WFTDA tournament cycle. We’ll be going a bit more in-depth this time around, giving you more insight on the officials who have been chosen to keep things on the up and up for the best of the best.