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Weekend in Review, 6/21/2010

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Weekend In Review, 6/14/10

Weekend In Review, 6/14/10 #4 Denver sent visiting #6 Rat City to their third loss in three meetings, winning 205-135 and defending their position in the competitive WFTDA Western Region. Photo: Bill Ross.

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WFTDA Sanctioned

#4 Denver 205, #6 Rat City 135 — On Saturday night, Denver defended their home turf and their spot over Rat City in the WFTDA Western Region by defeating the Seattle team for the third time in three meetings.

Weekend In Review, 6/7/2010

Weekend In Review, 6/7/2010 Rat City's Carmen Getsome works against Texas jammer Bloody Mary. Rat City led for the last 40 minutes of the bout and sent Texas to their fourth loss in a row, 128-120. Photo: Axle Adams.

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Weekend in Review, 5/16/2010

Weekend in Review, 5/16/2010 Windy City (#1 North Central WFTDA, #9 nationally DNN) was the last top-ten team to play in 2010, but showed they were still a force by taking down North Star (#6 NC, #24 nationally) by 100 points, 159-59. Photo: Gil Leora.

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WFTDA Sanctioned

(6) Rose City 124, (7) Rat City 105 — Although visiting Rat City lost their jammer to the penalty box in both of the first two jams of this one, solid defense from Rat kept Rose City to only a 10-1 after 5 minutes of play. The action remained remarkably low-scoring through the opening ten minutes at 10-7 Rose City, and then yet another jammer major penalty — this one on Rat City’s Re-AnimateHer — allowed Rose to open up some space. RCR’s Cadillac pulled a 9-0 and iced Re-AnimateHer in the box by calling the jam, and the next one went 13-0 for RCR’s Sully Skullkicker, giving Rose their first solid lead at 32-7.

Weekend in Review, 5/3/2010

Weekend in Review, 5/3/2010 Circle City (Indianapolis, IN) exploited a series of second-half powerjams to score a big 178-89 victory over Quad City (Moline, IL). Photo: Junior Say-ow.

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Weekend in Review, 4/26/2010

Weekend in Review, 4/26/2010 In WFTDA-sanctioned action, Northwest Arkansas held off Oklahoma at arm's length for the second half to win 137-110. Photo: Bill Cohea.

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