DNN Roller Derby drinking game rules

Version 5.0b2

Sep 21, 2012

1. Take a drink for:

1.1 A scoreless jam

1.2 A lead change

1.3 A scoreboard palindrome (the “Dirty Marty” rule)

1.4 Musical jammers in the penalty box

1.5 A zebra takeout

1.6 A pivot starting on the pivot line

1.7 A 360 spin on the track, staying in bounds

2. Do a shot for:

2.1 Skater fouls out

2.2 Official timeout that lasts more than three minutes

2.3 Team scores 30+ points in a single jam

2.4 Star pass

2.5 Successful apex jump

2.5a One extra shot per 180 degrees of aerial spin. (the “Juke Boxx” rule)

2.6 Spectacularly unsuccessful apex jump.

3. Finish your drink (and refill) for:

3.1 Overtime

3.2 Massive upset (5+ seeds/ranks)

3.3 Skater expelled

3.4 A Pegassist.

4. Chug for as long as:

4.1 …it takes for jammers to be released.

4.2 …it takes for a jammer to get through unaided on a powerjam scoring pass, or for actual offense to begin.

4.3 …neither team has a jammer on the track.