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MRDWC Semifinal: USA Fells Canada, 307-127

The second semi final began with an unexpected lead jammer call for Canada’s El Tannant, but the Canadian joy was swiftly snatched away as he was sent to the penalty box. Team USA quickly shook off any initial jitters to put up 20 points, and after an official review resulted in Tannant’s return to the box, Frank NotSoHotra picked up 15 more. Porter followed with the star and by the time Tannant made it out of the box the score was already heavily in the favour of the US team, 59-3. Another Canadian lead call was followed by another Canadian jammer penalty and Sugar Boots laid on the offence to help NotSoHotra increase the lead to 78-6. Tannant’s fortunes then turned a little with a powerjam in his favour and he picked up 18 points with a titanic effort much appreciated by the crowd. The USA continued to hit some penalty trouble, this time Scott Slamilton sitting with two compatriots in the box, but a nightmare series of jams for Canada’s BradAss left him serving three almost consecutive minutes in the box while Slamilton, NotSoHotra and Jonathan R ran riot. Stan DaSide and Tichbourne put up some sturdy defence but by the time BradAss made it safely back to the bench the score stood at 25-132 with ten minutes left in the half.

MRDWC Semifinal: England Spatchcocks France, 227-112

The first semifinal was contested by England and France, two of the world’s oldest sporting rivals.

MRDWC: Wales Becalms Scotland, 245-123

MRDWC: Wales Becalms Scotland, 245-123 Photo: Donalee Eiri (Photography by D.E. Sign)

Wales took an early lead in the opening jams of this first all-Celtic face-off but were quickly pegged back by a run of three jammer penalties across the next five jams. Some solid Wales defensive packwork limited the Scots’ scoring to 40 points and swung the run of play back in the Welsh direction after Ashton served his minute and came out of the box to steal lead jammer with the score at 40-11 to Scotland. Scotland’s Tequila subsequently hit the box with the star in that same jam and after exiting an unfortunate slip and slide into the back of two Welsh blockers’ legs as he approached the pack sent him straight back to the box. Wales were able to take full advantage and put up 45 points across the two powerjams to regain the lead and take the score to 40-56.

MRDWC: Australia Stops Argentina, 252-238

An eight-man Argentina lasted the full sixty minutes–but the six who remained at the death couldn’t quite hold on to their second-half lead. Australia took the win 252-238 after four heart-stopping final minutes, and progress to the 5th place Plate game.

MRDWC QFs: USA Explodes Scotland, 557-40

MRDWC QFs: USA Explodes Scotland, 557-40 Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.Sign

Letting a single point go against Scotland at the Women’s World Cup was the closest that the American women had got to a regulation shut-out, and it was against Scotland that the men had their first crack at one. For fifty minutes it looked inevitable, until a jammer penalty apocalypse engulfed the Americans, with six penalty minutes served inside the last ten minutes letting Scotland in for 40 points.

MRDWC QFs: Canada Slays Wales, 281-36

Jammer penalties a-go-go in the opening minutes kept the score low and even left one jam to start jammerless after an officiating error saw both jammers released too early in the preceding jam.