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Road to the Hydra: The Richmond Leg

Road to the Hydra: The Richmond Leg Photo: Bob Ayers.

Two down, two to go! With Richmond in the books, here’s the second in our four-part series of high points – and not-so-high points – that defined a tournament.

D1R Final: (2) Texas Rides Out (4) Philly, 253-210

D1R Final: (2) Texas Rides Out (4) Philly, 253-210 Photo: Jennifer M. Ramos

RICHMOND, VA–Since Philly’s 316-86 demolition at the hands of the Texecutioners at ECDX in June, the Liberty Belles have been on an 8-bout winning streak, while the Texecutioners have gone 4-2–but against a much higher calibre of opposition. Texas practically shut down VanEssa ‘V-Diva’ Sites that time out, leaving her with a -65 point differential for the day. If Philly were to have any hope of reversing the earlier result, she would have to have a good day–and her day was spectacular. It wasn’t quite enough for the Liberty Belles, but they were in it right up to the final jams–until two cuts on Devoida Mercy in the final minutes ended Philly’s hopes of an upset win. Texas took the bout 253-210 to claim top seeding in Milwaukee, and leave Philly with a play-in game against London or one of the third-place finishers in the two tournaments to come.

D1R 3rd: (1) Angel City Rejects (4) Naptown, 222-130

D1R 3rd: (1) Angel City Rejects (4) Naptown, 222-130 Photo: Jennifer M. Ramos.

RICHMOND, VA — In the penultimate game of the Richmond playoffs, tournament top seed Angel City and 4 seed Naptown went at it for third place and the right to play in Milwaukee at November’s WFTDA Championships. After a rather cold start on Friday against New Hampshire, Angel City was looking quite a bit more stable and Naptown had major problems mounting even minor rallies. Naptown steadily lost ground almost all the way through the contest, and in the end Angel City claimed their first-ever trip to Championships with a 222-130 victory.

D1R 5th: KCRW Outruns Jacksonville, 199-171

D1R 5th: KCRW Outruns Jacksonville, 199-171 Photo: Jennifer M. Ramos

RICHMOND, VA–The New Jax City Rollers took on the Kansas City Roller Warrriors All-Stars for fifth place at 2pm on the final day. The 8th seed had picked themselves up from an opening-day shock against a disciplined New Hampshire team, while KCRW had built on a stronger-than-expected showing against the Philly Rollergirl before posting strong wins to take them to the end of the consolation bracket.

D1R 7th: (10) Terminal City Tramples (9) New Hampshire, 250-154

D1R 7th: (10) Terminal City Tramples (9) New Hampshire, 250-154 Photo: Tom Klubens

RICHMOND, VA – At this point in the playoffs, both teams entered knowing neither was about to leave this game at a lower seed level than they had entered, win or lose. Given that New Hampshire took Jacksonville on the first day, and Terminal City had lost to the same team the second, this game seemed like it might be a foregone conclusion. But the trend of seeding upsets through the tournament continued into this one as New Hampshire’s first day discipline and cleanliness again deserted them. Terminal City’s lead jammer grabs handed them control from the second quarter of the game, when they took the lead and held onto it, widening the differential to 68 points, by the half, 132-64, and then continuing to a 250-154 win with the lead only ever seriously cut into by the Skate Free or Die All-Stars after Terminal had the game well won with a 55-0 run in the final two jams.

D1R 9th: (7) Tampa Blows Away (6) No Coast, 283-133

RICHMOND, VA–The Sunday opener at the second division one playoff was contested by two teams that would have had high hopes of improving their seeding coming in fighting to avoid a last-place finish. No Coast and Tampa came in seeded 6 and 7 respectively–and it was Tampa who regained some pride with a thoroughly convincing 283-133 upset win to take ninth place back to Florida.