Mission & Vision


We believe that modern roller derby is a revolutionary sport…

… and a revolutionary way of doing sports, made possible by modern communication technology.

We believe that in this new era of technology-enabled community, roller derby’s organic, collaborative, athlete-controlled structure can span the full range of sport opportunities, from a championship event with the stature of the Super Bowl to little-league participation numbering millions.

We believe the organic, DIY growth mode of modern roller derby has no limit. We think the same is true for derby media. Let’s sell out every bout, but let’s never sell out.

We’ve built DNN on the same principles that guide the sport’s community: do-it-yourself, collaborative, passion-driven, crowdsourced. Many hands make light work.


We’re building toward a future where, perhaps, modern roller derby…

… is played by professional athletes, earning professional salaries, in professional sports arenas alongside the NBA and NHL.

… is played by kids, in high schools and middle schools and community centers and parks and culs de sac around the world.

… is played all over all seven continents. Yes, including Antarctica. Yes, including the Olympics.

… retains its independent, quirky, cheeky, by skater/for skater, inclusive identity despite this broadening of scope.

… continues to inspire strength, confidence, independence, camaraderie and acceptance for all, young and old, regardless of gender and gender identity or expression.


Derby News Network fuels the growth of modern roller derby through innovative development of new media tools and technology, increasing the sport’s accessibility for derby’s participants and fans, current and future.