MRDA Rankings

June 2014

Rank    Team
1    Your Mom Men’s Derby
2    New York Shock Exchange
3    St. Louis GateKeepers
4    Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby
5    Puget Sound Outcast Derby
6    Bridgetown Menace
7    Magic City Misfits
8    Deep Valley Belligerents
9    Southern Discomfort Roller Derby
10    Arizona Men’s Derby
11    Drive-By City Rollers
12    Race City Rebels
13    Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby
14    Cincinnati Battering Rams
15    Mont Royals Montreal Men’s Roller Derby
16    Carolina Wreckingballs
17    Connecticut Death Quads
18    Rock City Riot
19    Capital District Trauma Authority
20    Manchester Roller Derby
21    Quadfathers Men’s Roller Derby
22    Harm City Havoc
23    Sioux City Korn Stalkers
24    Uinta Madness Roller Derby
25    Cowtown Butchers Mens Roller Derby
26    Vermont Men’s Roller Derby

The following teams have not been included in the rankings as they have not met the minimum game requirements in the 12 month time period to be considered.  The time period was between May 20 2013 and May 20 2014.

UR   Big O Roller Bros
UR   Boise Men’s Roller Derby
UR   Capital City Hooligans
UR   Chicago Bruise Brothers
UR   Collision Men’s Derby
UR   Dallas Deception
UR   Denton County Outlaws
UR   Glenmore Resevoir Dogs
UR   Green Bay Smackers
UR   Hitmen of Manatee County
UR   Lane County Concussion
UR   Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg
UR   Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
UR   Red Deer Dreadnaughts
UR   Slick City Rollerz
UR   Tampa Bay Men’s Roller Derby
UR   The Inhuman League
UR   Toulouse Quad Guards
UR   Tulsa Derby Militia
UR   Tyne and Fear Roller Derby