D1S: #4 Rat Edges Out #5 Terminal

SACRAMENTO, CA–The #4 seed vs #5 seed is always the game to watch at playoffs, and the Sacramento square-off between #4 Rat City (WFTDA #16) and #5 Terminal City (WFTDA #18) was no exception. The bout was a barnburner from start to finish, with Rat City edging Terminal out 191-142.

The Officials of Sacramento

We’ve previewed the competitiors and the match-ups–but who is keeping a watchful eye over proceedings, and making sure everything actually *works* as it should on the track? We’ve included the current certification level for those who like to know these things–and we’ve included the leagues (where appropriate) where these officials ply their trade to highlight their diversity, and ensure leagues get appropriate credit for not only their success on the track, but the professionalism and training of their officials to boot.

D1S: #8 KCRW Frees #9 New Hampshire, 178-97

D1S: #8 KCRW Frees #9 New Hampshire, 178-97 Photo (c) Donalee Eiri

SACRAMENTO, CA–The opening bout of 2014 Division 1 playoffs was contested by two teams that met in playoffs last year. New Hampshire kept it closer this time–but KCRW took it 178-97.

Sacramento – Bout Center and Open Thread

Sacramento – Bout Center and Open Thread Photo by Bob Ayers

Join us for live updates and chat. WARNING: May contain traces of sarcasm, attempts at humour, and possibly also fun. But no promises.

Preview: #4 Rat City vs #5 Terminal City

The #4 vs #5 game is often the highlight of the first day of any WFTDA playoffs–and on occasion the entire tournament. On this occasion it’s taking up the headline spot at 2000 PDT, and we hope it lives up to that headline billing.

Preview: #2 Minnesota vs Tampa/BRRG

Preview: #2 Minnesota vs Tampa/BRRG Windy vs Minnesota, August 2014. Photos (c) Danforth Johnson

The third quarterfinal will see the second-seeded Minnesota RollerGirls looking to take the first step towards a return to Champs after a year away following an unfortunate draw last year that saw them beaten in the semis by Gotham only to fall to their oldest of enemies in the third place game.