DNN Staff

While DNN represents the collected work of literally hundreds of volunteers, we’d like to recognize a handful of key people who have made themselves essential to our efforts; the Core Staff, who bring unique, critical skills without which we couldn’t do what we do; and the Heavy Lifters, who continue to give their time and talent to drive our coverage of multiple events throughout derby calendar.


Lex Talionis / Alex Sassoon Coby

Content Director / Fugitive Vice President | Email

Lex arrived on the international derby scene with London Rollergirls. He has coached and managed line-ups for London’s Steam Rollers, Brawl Saints and Batter-C Power, and even has some sanctioned wins under his belt on the bench for Auld Reekie Rollergirls. He has written up tournaments in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the USA.

He currently oversees all DNN editorial content, co-ordinating all editorial volunteers and coverage. He also designed and created Derbylife 2.0.

His single proudest derby moment is winning an official review and getting his incorrectly penalised jammer out of the box.

Core Staff

Grand Poobah

Curator of Bouts

One of modern roller derby’s great unsung heroes, Grand Poobah does the bulk of data entry for Derbymatic, the homegrown database that drives DNN’s bouts and scores listings. If you’ve ever submitted scores or upcoming bout information to scores@derbynewsnetwork.com, or via the Submit page, it’s very likely that you’ve traded emails with Poobah. He also sends much of the @DNNscores Twitter output, which provides timely score reports for many WFTDA Sanctioned bouts, as well as other selected bouts of general interest.

Because that’s not enough derby for Poobah, he also serves in a variety of roles for Roc City Roller Derby, and with WFTDA as a key Stats Committee volunteer helping to optimize the design of the WFTDA StatsBook bout data spreadsheet. Before moving to Rochester, he served as Head NSO for Las Vegas’ Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls.

Beck Wise

Lead Copy Wrangler and Tweeter-in-Chief

Beck Wise’s heroics covering the Great Southern Slam are without compare in modern roller derby, as are her herculean efforts to wrangle copy that comes in thick and fast from all corners of the globe.

Hailing from Australia and currently plying her trade in Austin, TX, Beck started her derby career as a founder of Sydney Roller Derby before transferring to Canberra Roller Derby and thence Texas Rollergirls. She’s currently on a break from play as she works on Operation Ph.D. In her spare time, she likes to reminisce about how she used to have spare time.

Hannah Jennings

News Editor

Hannah Jennings skates for Rose City Rollers and spends the last shreds of her spare time working as News Editor at Derby News Network. Originally from Auckland Roller Derby in New Zealand, Hannah moved to the Pacific North West to be closer to Division 1 WFTDA play, and decent espresso.

Heavy Lifters

Genevieve Danger Berrick AKA Danger (ismymiddlename)

West Coast Terror

Danger got into roller derby in 2007 through the Victorian Roller Derby League when it first hit Melbourne, Australia. She’s interested in all of its aspects, and has lectured, presented at conferences, and written about it in magazines, for both leagues she’s been associated with, and most recently for DNN. She is also resident tweetcaster for ACDG. ‘Outside’ of roller derby, she writes and researches about queer bodies. She got into this whole ‘roller derby thing’ as soon as rumours of it started, having been on the look-out since it was explained to her by a New Yorker, and hasn’t looked back.

Left 4 Deadwards

Double-threat Reportage / Division 2 Correspondent

Left 4 Deadwards started skating in 2009 and has written about it since 2010. Primarily a jammer for the Old Capitol City Roller Girls (Iowa City, IA) she also coaches and sometimes remembers to update her derby blog (deadwards.blogspot.com) She began national coverage in Des Moines, where she helped cover the first ever D2 tournament.

Chelsea Fristoe

Double-threat Reportage / Division 2 Correspondent

Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, Chelsea has been a Lansing Derby Vixens skater since 2010, and joined the DNN family in August of 2013. Chelsea’s current job at DNN is learning all the things, and helping out wherever needed, as well as being one half of DNN’s crack Division 2 team with Left 4 Deadwards. She has a Master’s degree in Communication, and a penchant for correcting improper grammar. Chelsea currently serves as her league’s director of Communications and PR, and is excited to be joining the ranks of the Derby News Network.

Y. I. Otter

Officially Official Officials Corresponent

The Derby Otter (spazius snarkus) was introduced to Roller Derby in 2009 by her sister, the one and only Derrierress (who can out-jam YOUR sister), and first spotted making sad attempts at not falling while “standing” on a frighteningly hideous pair of skates. Since then, she has immersed herself in all things derby. She began in 2009 as an an NSO and became a skating referee in 2010, after only eleventy bazillion months of trying to pass her then nemesis “25 in 5″.

She is currently on Ref Hiatus due to a valiant, but lost battle with a Velociraptor who was trying to steal her ice cream sandwiches**

**she had upper spine surgery. If you want to see the pictures of the hardware in her neck, just ask. She will produce said pictures because she carries them in her purse. She will also ask if you want to touch her neck scar, because she is kind of creepy like that.

Porch Moon

Utility Infielder

A true digital renaissance man, Porch Moon works in a wide variety of visual media. Notable among his contributions to derby are his regular 3-hour treks from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Chicago to provide streaming video from Windy City Rollers and Chicago Outfit bouts, occasionally at great personal sacrifice.

Mace Hindu

Wrangler of Streams

Mace has been skating for Traverse City Roller Derby since the league formed in 2010. She is the interleague coordinator for our league and one of the veteran skaters constantly emailing live streams to other skaters. I love Star Wars, every genre of music, and long walks on the beach.

Mace is part of the team that keeps the DNN Events Calendar up-to-date, with a particular eye on upcoming bout streams of note.

Stream Monster

Wrangler of Streams, Caster Of Bouts

Having being brought to a South Bend Roller girls bout in early 2012, he found himself hooked on the sport. Having done previous broadcasts for gaming tournaments he decided to add to his previous broadcasting skills and learn how to broadcast roller derby. Now SBRG’s full time broadcaster, he also helps out with other leagues such as Killamazoo and the Chicago Outfit when Porch Moon is unable to attend, on top of helping out with events such as Spring Roll and B-Cup.

Monster also helps maintain the DNN Events Calendar and the streaming listings.

Ivanna S. Pankin

Outfield Maestro

It’s likely that no other individual has contributed in so many essential ways to the establishment and growth of modern roller derby. Her accomplishments are so many and varied, they require bullet points. Ivanna S. Pankin:

  • Was a key organizer and original board member of the WFTDA, serving at one time or another as a member of every single committee in the organization
  • Created and moderated the roller_girls yahoo group, an instrumental forum for information sharing and networking in the early derby community
  • Was instrumental in authoring version 1.0 and later versions of the WFTDA ruleset, as well as banked track evolutions of the same baseline
  • Established the first skate shop tailored specifically to the needs of derby skaters, Sin City Skates
  • Advocated aggressively with equipment manufacturers for products designed specifically for the unique needs of derby skaters
  • Established and continues to mastermind the derby community’s biggest gathering, RollerCon
  • Most recently also inspired the DNN Events Calendar, and helps to keep it maintained.
  • also skates

True to form, Ivanna’s contributions to DNN have been meaningful and forward-looking. Sin City Skates was DNN’s first sponsor. Throughout her frequent outings as a tireless textcaster, Ivanna has helped to develop many of the best practices that turned textcasting from a glorified liveblog into a truly viable method of live sports coverage for roller derby.

Val Capone

Senior Anchor/Sportscaster/Maestro of Merchandise

Not just another pretty voice, Val Capone has skated with the Windy City Rollers since their founding in 2004, giving her unrivaled insight into the experience from a skater’s point of view. She took to the mic early when a minor injury temporarily sidelined her, steering her unexpectedly into the best job she never knew she’d have. DNN’s 2009 Viewer’s Choice for Best Sportscaster (and 2010 runner up), Val earned her audience-favorite status with clear, knowledgeable descriptions of the action, extensive knowledge of modern derby trivia and history, and always entertaining banter on the mic.

Currently, she is masterminding DNN’s return to the world of physical goods.


Hall of Fame

These brave and hardy souls have devoted more hours to DNN than is sane. Simply put: without their efforts, DNN would not be here.

Gnosis / Jason Socha/h2>

The Man Behind The Curtain / CTO (retired)

Hurt Reynolds / Chris Seale

Herder of Cats / CEO (retired)

Mercy Less / Kris Seale

Chief Love Officer / COO (retired)

Justice Feelgood Marshall / Tracy Williams

Triple Threat / Editor in Chief (retired

Assaultin’ Pepa

Art Director

Of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls skaters who participated in their 2006 dead-last finish in the first WFTDA Championship Tournament, Assaultin’ Pepa is one of only three who remained on the roster straight through their victory in the 2010 WFTDA Championship Bout. The driving force behind fiveonfive magazine, Pepa also keeps DNN looking good by providing art and design support.

Slack Kerowhack

Senior Textcaster

Tireless superfan and derby volunteer Slack Kerowhack launched regionally-focused Mid Atlantic Derby News in 2007 to provide focused commentary and score reporting. Since then, he’s become a core member of the DNN textcast crew, providing coverage from major events as well as many individual bouts of note on the east coast.

Bone Crawford

Derbymatic Database Architect

Until Bone Crawford joined the team, DNN’s bout results existed only as a hand-maintained text document — ok when you’re only keeping track of a dozen bouts per month, but a recipe for disaster if you’re hoping to track hundreds, or thousands, or (soon enough) tens of thousands of results.

With extensive experience wrangling schema at Bloomberg, Bone brings order to the chaos of of modern roller derby bout results, which is pretty much the perfect model of incomplete and inconsistent data. After several years skating with the Gotham Girls and other area leagues, Bone has retired from skating, but she still bleeds derby.

Lisa Lawless

Server Survival Specialist

DNN site traffic varies wildly from week to week, peaking during the WFTDA Tournament season and other major events. Server resources can be costly, so we run the site conservatively during normal traffic times, ramping up our memory, database, and web server processes only when necessary.

Fortunately for DNN, the skater who first introduced Hurt Reynolds to modern roller derby now serves as the Growth Manager at Twitter. When Lisa Lawless is not busy keeping the fail whale at bay, or skating with Grave Danger, she enjoys helping us tweak server settings to keep the streams alive.

$3 Bill

Video Pioneer

Many of the live coverage features that DNN viewers have come to expect, such as scoreboard overlays and multiple cameras on live video streams, were pioneered by $3 Bill. A longtime volunteer for the Carolina Rollergirls, $3 Bill can be found behind a camera almost anywhere they travel.

Ivana Clobber

Utility Infielder

Ivana Clobber has been a derby skater since 2004, currently with Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls. For DNN, she’s a Jill of all Trades, helping to coordinate staffing and equipment needs for various events, managing and training volunteers, sportscasting, and she’s literally helped write the book on textcasting.

Roxy Horror

Senior Textcaster

Como Derby Dames skater Roxy Horror joined the DNN family in 2010. She provides heavy textcasting support for major events throughout the year.

Busta Armov

Utility Infielder

From textcasting, to videography, to feature content, previews and recaps, Busta wears whatever hat is needed. In derby since 2004, Busta served some of that time as Head Referee for the L.A. Derby Dolls, helping the league to adapt the WFTDA 2.1 ruleset to serve as the basis for the Derby Dolls’ banked track rules.

Holly Wanna Crackya

Senior Textcaster/Chief Hula Officer

Carolina Rollergirls skater Holly Wanna Crackya is as fast on the keyboard as she is on the track, providing textcast coverage from many major events (including a heroic near-solo marathon effort during Franky Panky 2010).

Smarty McFly

Senior Textcaster

Arch Rival Roller Girls skater Smarty McFly joined the DNN team in 2009, and has participated in and supervised textcast teams at several major events since then.