Angel Disconnects Terminal, 271-97

LOS ANGELES, CA–Terminal City’s impressive on-track performance was surely what convinced Angel City to extend an invitation to them for this tournament at the Richmond playoffs, despite never having met on the track before. And while the score was uneven throughout, gameplay belied it, with Terminal City demonstrating time and again their signature star pass move (three successfully scoring passes in this game alone), taking strategic jammer-on-jammer engagement when trapped, remaining engaged and persistent in every jam. Each team’s penalties sat matched at 34 apiece by the end of the game, but Terminal proved to be plagued by multiplayer penalties, at 11 of their total. Terminal City’s Swartzemegger deserves mention for remaining fast and determined throughout the game, especially given it was her first sanctioned play.

Preview: Tinseltown Showdown 2014

Los Angeles, CA–It is not an understatement that this weekend’s Tinseltown Showdown tournament boasts some of the highest-ranking play that Los Angeles will see for 2014.

D1C: Angel City Flies Over Rocky Mountain, 228-198

D1C: Angel City Flies Over Rocky Mountain, 228-198 Photo: Danforth Johnson

MILWAUKEE, WI–Rocky Mountain had a strong early start but Angel City were able to stretch their margin to 50-points late in the first half. From there, the game was characterised by frequent lead changes as the sides traded power jams–and in the end, Angel City came off the better when a late-game penalty let them establish a 30-point margin and leaving Rocky no time to come back. The LA side secured themselves a date with Denver tomorrow with their 228-198 win.

D1C: Angel City Derby Girls Preview

D1C: Angel City Derby Girls Preview Photo: Jennifer M. Ramos

MILWAUKEE, WI–Angel City have had an up and down year, by any measure. A strong 2013 home season saw them climb to #5 in the WFTDA rankings when divisions were introduced and they entered Richmond playoffs as the top seed … only to struggle in the first half of their opening bout against New Hampshire and then get their wings decisively clipped by fourth seed Philly in the semi-finals. They were able to come back from that 263-157 loss, though, to put up a 92-point win over Naptown, securing third place at the Playoffs and punching their ticket to Champs.