Weekend in Review, 2/1/2010

Weekend in Review, 2/1/2010 In an outdoor bout, Rose City B-team Axles of Annihilation blew out newer Gold Coast, 214-57. Photographer: Flash.

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Dallas Derby Devils & Dallas Deception Win in Doubleheader

DALLAS, TX — A long anticipated bout finally came to fruition last Saturday when the Dallas Derby Devils took on Assassination City, the first time the cross-town rivals had met in a regular WFTDA sanctioned bout. More to the point, this was the first time fans of both leagues were able to fill up a building and cheer, cheer, cheer. If that weren’t enough to draw a crowd, local men’s team Dallas Deception hosted the Tucson Dry Heat Militia in their debut bout, a 40 minute affair. Let no one say they don’t appreciate derby in Dallas.

The final outcome of the 60 minute women’s bout might have been easy to predict – when we last saw these teams they were taking turns against Atlanta, with DDD winning and AC losing – and indeed the Devils came out on top again, 228-60. But how did it all happen, and what can AC take with them into the future?

Women’s Bout: Dallas 228, Assassination City 60

The opening jam pitted Roxie La Roo of DDD against Olive Illegal of AC, two jammers that would see a lot of action the entire night. Roxie would win the opener, 9-1, scoring a grandslam before Olive could break the pack and then completing another pass before calling off the jam.

The second jam would typify the efforts of both teams. While Dallas would win the jam 4-1, (Hot 4 Teacher over Brandi Danger), credit has to be given to Assassination City for getting their jammers out of the pack quick enough to convince Dallas to call of the jam after only one scoring pass. What the final score doesn’t tell you is that AC pushed hard enough to avoid what could have been many extremely lopsided jams, instead forcing the issue with Dallas. Very few jams went the full two minutes and most of them weren’t much longer than one.

The third and fifth jams saw AC jammers Vanna Rockin and Brandi Danger go to the penalty box. Dallas took advantage of these penalties by calling off the jam and starting fresh jams with uncontested jammers. This put them in firm control of four consecutive jams and Keltic Kamikaze, Roxie La Roo, Hot 4 Teacher and Ingersoll Rand would rack the score up to 43-2, putting Dallas in irrevocable command of the bout.

Olive Illegal would then go toe-to-toe with Roxie La Roo, keeping the eighth jam tied at 4-4, but the ninth jam would see Dallas demonstrate their superior athleticism in the bout’s first two-minute jam. With Keltic Kamikaze and Brandi Danger both ineligible for lead jammer it became a pure race, one that Keltic would win 14-3.

It was not until jam 10 that AC would earn its first lead jammer. Olive Illegal took control quickly against Hot 4 Teacher, but both skaters started their first scoring pass at about the same time. Olive accepted the risks of not calling off the jam and both jammers would go on to attempt two scoring passes, with Olive coming out on top 7-6. An improvement for AC, but the Dallas lead was not going to be surmounted one point at a time. The score was 67-16.

Dallas responded by shutting out AC for the next five jams. When the dry spell was broken AC was able to get lead jammer three times in a row, (credit to Herassizz Mine, Illegally Blonde and Olive Illegal), but had to settle for being matched nearly point for point by the Dallas jammers. The first half came to close soon after with Dallas up 121-28.

The second half would see a bit more violence. In the second jam Dallas jammer Hot 4 Teacher would go down and play would be stopped. Clearly in pain, Hot 4 would eventually pick herself up and return to jamming about 15 minutes later. Not one jam after her return would Assassination City’s Herassizz Mine go down similarly but not be so lucky, suffering a game-ending knee injury.

In this half it would only take four jams before AC would step up and claim lead jammer, with Herassizz Mine grabbing a clean 5-0 off Roxie La Roo. No small feat.

Ten minutes into the half Assassination City put forth their best effort of the night, holding Dallas scoreless over three jams and allowing only two points in the next, making it a 13-2 run to bring us into the final quarter of the game at a score of 155-46. A wide margin, certainly, but worth noting that for 15 minutes the score only favored Dallas by a margin of 34-18. Again, give AC credit for never giving up and for playing as hard as they could the entire game.

The rest of the half, however, would go Dallas’ way as they outscored AC 73-14 and brought us to the final score of 228-60.

Men’s Bout: Dallas Deception 178, Tucson Dry Heat Militia 19

The core of Tucson’s team has been together for a mere 7 months and while they have some true competitive talent in Pitchit and Johnny Smokescreen, the team had yet to experience roller derby on a highly competitive level. The Dry Heat was bolstered by Harm City skaters Justice Feelgood Marshall, Sin Diesel, and Gearhead in the interest of healthy competition, but it would prove much too little in the face of Dallas’ hefty experience. The question, ultimately, wasn’t who would win, but rather what these teams would look like. With public exhibitions of men’s derby so rare, fans were excited to see anything.

And Dallas didn’t merely have experience on their side, but youth and athleticism to boot. With nary a skater over 25 and with Matomic and Johnny Pocket Rocket already proven to be two of the best skaters in the country, Dallas is well positioned to become the best men’s team out there.

In the first half, Tuscon pulled out all the stops it could, leaning heavily on a jammer rotation of Pitchit, Smoke and Justice. The first jam saw Matomic go up against Johnny Smokescreen, winning 8-5. To judge by a margin of three points, one might have guessed the Dry Heat would be putting pressure on the Deception to perform, but no, it would not be until the tenth jam that Tucson would score again.

Dallas’ eight-jam shut-out would be highlighted in the fifth jam when Matomic would pass his star to Johnny Pocket Rocket while executing a twirling double-reverse whip. Showboating? Yes. Awesome? Of course. Crowd pleasing? Absolutely. Again, let no one say they don’t appreciate derby in Dallas and under no circumstance shall it be permitted to say that the Dallas Deception can’t work a crowd.

The sixth jam looked to be an opportunity for the Militia to get some points, as they started with Justice Feelgood Marshall alone on the line (with Pocket Rocket in the box due to having successfully called the jam after the star pass) — but the chance was lost as Justice took a major track cut on his opening pass. That resulted in a jammerless jam that pitted a depleted Johhny Smokescreen against Short Bus. Short Bus would take it 6-0. Looking to relieve the primary jammer rotation, Julius Plaesar was put on the line for Tucson, setting up Pocket Rocket for the most lopsided jam of the bout, 20-0 and launching the score up to 72-5.

Pitchit would earn Tucson its first lead jammer against Rhino, taking the jam cleanly, 5-0, giving Tucson its last points of the period. At half the score would be 81-10 in favor of Dallas.

Victory clearly out of its grasp, the Dry Heat Militia went with a deeper jammer rotation in an effort to share the wealth of experience. The Deception would graciously follow suit, but not until the fifth jam. This would see Dallas open the period with a 60-4 explosion over a mere four jams, rocketing the score to 141-14, the bright spot for Tucson being that Mr. Awesome was able to grab 4 points in his debut jam.

In fifth jam things would calm down, with Dallas’ Dewey Decimator skating to a 0-0 tie against Tucson’s tiny but indestructible Handinout Justice.

The sixth jam would find the Dry Heat jammer Julius Plaesar called out for tripping, which would have been unremarkable if not for his egregious misuse of his own girth on his way to the penalty box, bumping the table that held his team’s water cooler and sending 20+ gallons of water and ice exploding across the floor and onto the track in what must have been a vicious attempt to ruin the skates and spines of the host Deception.

It should be said that the Dallas Derby Devils staff was able to clean up the enormous mess in an impressively short time. Meanwhile, Matomic and Pocket Rocket entertained the crowd with their equally impressive jam-skating skills. Again, it shall not be permitted to question the Deception’s ability to play a crowd.

The final score would be 178-19. Tucson’s minimalist approach to scoring would be rounded out by Space Case (4 points), and Handinout Justice, (1 point). Dallas’s 178 points would be led by Johnny Pocket Rocket’s 48 points over 5 jams followed by Matomic and Texas Scold ‘Em with 29 points each over 3 jams. Most impressive for Dallas was their ability to succeed with any jammer and not rely too heavily on the enormous talents of Matomic and Pocket Rocket.

Photos: Pitchit

Dallas Hosts Male / Female Doubleheader

DALLAS, TX — This Saturday night finds Dallas derby making some history in multiple ways as they host a full-length, male / female doubleheader. The first bout finds the very first time that two WFTDA teams from the same city have faced off against each other at home, as the Dallas Derby Devils take on Assassination City. In the second bout, a new men’s team has its public debut, as the Tucson Dry Heat Militia battles the boys from the Dallas Deception.

This is actually the second meeting between Dallas Derby Devils and Assassination City, but the first one took place in Austin at the 2006 Governor’s Cup tournament. Dallas was victorious in that one, but three years is an entirely different era in derby time, and both teams have seen plenty of turnover since then.

2008 wasn’t too good to the Dallas ladies, who went 3-8 and were the only crew to go winless at the Western Regionals. 2009 has started on more of an up note for them, though, as they’re coming off a narrow victory over Atlanta in February, where they managed to hold off a fierce late comeback to emerge on the right end of a 115-108 final.

Assassination City was relatively quiet as a travel team over 2008, with half their action taking place at the 2008 Governor’s Cup in September — they defeated Alamo City 96-74 but were pasted 166-23 by a B team from Texas. Earlier in the year, they lost to West Texas 136-66 and defeated the Oklahoma Victory Dolls 112-53. They played Atlanta the same February weekend that Dallas did, but came out on the wrong side of that one, losing 145-68.

Barooski 15 // Cheatin’ Chong 420 // Hot 4 Teacher A+ // Ingersoll Rand 2  // Keltic Kamikaze 3  // Kick Face Trace 1313 // Lickity Splittail 241  // Ms Ric O Shea 10801 // Professor Kaos 0 // Rink Panther 0210 // Roxie La Roo K9 // Scary Cherry Bang Bang 505 // Shocker 21 // Strawberry Deathcake 2000
Mona Bruiser 911 // Brandi Danger 13 // Olive Illegal 717 // Pyro Maim Ya 1070 // Red Hot Rage 55 // Vanna Rockin 1970 // Calypso Crash 57 // Dixie Witch 29 // Trigger Mortis 20 // Sloane Gunman 38 // Sigourney Reaper 333 // Luann Splatter 699 // Herassizz Mine 0 // Nebrass Kickr 80

The men’s half of the evening features one of the more experienced teams in male derby taking on the newest. The Dallas Deception’s public debut as a team was at the 2008 Throwdown in the Sound tournament, where they impressed with a 3-1 record, defeating the Diamond City Death Kings (from Wilkes-Barre, PA) once and the Twin City Terrors (from Minneapolis, MN) twice in mini-bouts, with their only loss to Puget Sound.

At the Governor’s Cup in 2008, Dallas Deception played a pickup team of skaters from the Southern Scallywags, Puget Sound Derby Outcasts, Diamond City and New York Shock Exchange skating under the name Manifest Destiny — Dallas lost that one, 89-72. Most recently, though, Dallas defeated a combination of Southern Scallywags and Twin City Terrors (with a somewhat lopsided roster of 11 for the Deception and 19 for the SS/TCT.)

For the Tucson men’s team, it’s their first public event. They’ll have three guest skaters from Baltimore’s Harm City Homicide: original Homicide members Justice Feelgood Marshall and Sin Diesel, along with Gearhead, who debuted for Homicide in January in a bout vs. Connecticut.

Rhino VP4 // Short Bus (infinity) // Vanilla Ice Pick word 2 your motha // BRÜT EAT ME // Matomic st00pid fast // Johnny “Pocket” Rocket 01 // Bambi Legs 30/30 // Mr. Clean 187 // Chief Running Drunk 117 // I Kilt You 1746 // B.A.D.D. 2 // Shrillt 45 // Texas Scold’Em aces & 8’s // Magnum Eats Pie // MC Slammer // Dewey Decimator

Pitchit 33 // Johnny Smokescreen J5 // SpaceCase 13 // Julius Plaesar 1 // Irish Scarbomb 10 // Rotten Rodney 71 // Handinout Justice *69 // Smalls 6ft // Mr. Awesome 1,000,000 // *Justice Feelgood Marshall 1954 // *Sin Diesel 1* // *Gearhead 88

Atlanta Takes Out Assassination City, 145-68

MESQUITE, TX — The Dirty South Derby Girls of the Atlanta Rollergirls started off hot and would not be threatened as they beat Assassination City 145-68 Sunday night in Mesquite, Texas. Assassination City is ranked 7th in the South Central region by WFTDA, while Atlanta is currently ineligible for WFTDA ranking. Neither team is currently in DNN’s national top 25.

The bout stayed close in the opening minutes, but a ping-pong contest quickly turned into a rout after the first three jams. Atlanta started off with a 4-0 jam by Thunder Enlightenin’, but the Assassination City Special Ops countered with a 4-0 jam of their own by Olive Illegal to tie the score up. Atlanta would take a 7-6 lead after a three point jam by Alassin Sane. After that jam, the team from Georgia was in complete control, especially after they shut out Assassination City for the next 11 jams, outscoring the host team 47-0.

Belle of the Brawl took the big jam of the bout honors with a 20-point jam on a power play in the ninth jam of the first half, as Atlanta’s blockers trapped and slowed the opposing blockers down to almost no movement as Belle would circle and circle the pack with little opposition from the stymied blockers. Thunder Enlightenin’ would score nine points in the next jam, with Alassin Sane following up with a seven-point jam. Atlanta led 54-6 after the 14th jam.

Assassination City jammer Harassiz Mine breathed some life back into the Special Ops scoring an eight-point jam, and Red Hot Rage followed up with a 3-0 jam to narrow the lead to 60-17. But the last jam would see a penalty on the jammer for the team from North Texas, and the Merchant of Menace would score 11 points before she was also sent to the penalty box just before extended time ran out in the half, with Atlanta leading 71-17.

Atlanta came out and scored five hard-fought points in the opening two jams to up their lead to 76-17. But the home team would counter with a 36-11 run over the next seven jams to narrow the lead to 92-53. In the third jam ACD’s Olive Illegal put up a nine-point jam and it was followed up by the largest jam of the night by Assassination City, as Red Hot Rage threw 11 points up on the scoreboard. In the eighth jam of the second half, Vanna Rockin’ would add nine more points, and Miley Virus scored seven points to finish off the Special Ops’ run.

Momentum would soon go back to the visitors, though. Atlanta jammer JuJu answered back emphatically with a 16-point jam, and Alassin Sane would follow that jam up with a 12-point jam. Atlanta was back up by 71 points at the end of the 12th jam. Assassination City outscored Atlanta 13-3 over the next four jams, but the Dirty South Derby Girls would close out the bout with a 16-point jam in the extended-time closing jam, as the team from Georgia posted the final points in the 145-68 score.

Leading scorers for Atlanta included Thunder Enlightenin’ with 38 points, JuJu with 37 points, Belle of the Brawl with 30 points, Alassin Sane with 21 points, and The Merchant of Menace with 19 points. All individual scoring is unofficial. Top blockers for the Dirty South Derby Girls were Queen Loseyateefa, Sk8 Outa Compton, Tanya Hyde, and Switchblade Siouxsie.

The top scorers for the Special Ops from Assassination City were Olive Illegal with 17 points, Red Hot Rage and Miley Virus with 14 points each, and Vanna Rockin’ with 13 points. Leading blockers for the home team included Mona Bruiser, Sloane Gunman, Harassiz Mine, and Mary Ate Ashley.

Next up for Atlanta is a bout at home against up-and-coming Steel City (ranked 8th in the East region by WFTDA, unranked nationally by DNN) on February 28th — Steel City’s coming off a major rout of the nominally higher-ranked Connecticut, 149-33.

Assassination City is next in action against cross-town rivals Dallas (SC region, unranked by WFTDA, #25 DNN) on March 7th; that’s a doubleheader that finds men’s team Dallas Deception taking on the Dry Heat Militia from Tucson, AZ.

Reposted with permission from Roller Derby Is Sport.
Photos: Ziv Kruger