West Playoffs: 10W Sacred City Whomps 7W Arizona, 242-126

West Playoffs: 10W Sacred City Whomps 7W Arizona, 242-126 Sacred jammer Colt 45. Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

RICHMOND, CA — Friday’s second bout at Bay of Reckoning, the WFTDA Western Region Playoffs,  featured a #7 vs. #10 matchup: the Arizona Roller Derby’s Tent City Terrors against the Sacred City Sacrificers of Sacramento. The crowd seemed particularly eager to see whether Arizona would live up to its #7 ranking given its recent loss of personnel, with several fans waving “Play Where You Live” signs. While the teams played fairly evenly early on,  a Sacrificers 30-point powerjam by 4Closer at the middle of the first half allowed Sacred City to pull away, with 4Closer’s 111-point bout total foreclosing any opportunity for a Tent City triumph. The game ended as a significant blowout at Sacred City 242, Arizona 126.  ??

AZDD Takes BotB 3rd Place Over Team Legit, 139-127

AZDD Takes BotB 3rd Place Over Team Legit, 139-127 Photo: Axle Adams.

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Preview: Dust Devil 2012

Preview: Dust Devil 2012 Angel City (in gold) took second place in last year's Dust Devil, losing to Carolina in the final. Photo: Masonite Burn.

TUCSON, AZ — April 13-15 marks the fifth Dust Devil Tournament – the latest edition of the one that started it all in 2006. Feburary 2006’s Dust Devil was the first ever national flat-track derby tournament, in which Texas defeated Tucson in the final to become the first team to lay a defensible claim to a national championship; in 2007, Dust Devil became the Western Regional playoffs, where Rat City defeated Tucson in the final before going on to lose to Kansas City in the championship game of the first WFTDA Nationals. Ever since, the Dust Devil has been a standalone invitational event outside of the WFTDA playoff structure.

LADD Fight Crew shoots down AZDD Hot Shots, 138-46

The Arizona Derby Dames Hot Shots travel team fought hard, but couldn’t overcome the experience of the L.A. Derby Dolls Fight Crew, who won 138-46 Saturday at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.