Weekend in Review: June 14-15

Weekend in Review: June 14-15 Photo © Donalee Eiri. For prints, please visit myderbyphotos.com/

With two weekends to go, the 2014 playoff picture is becoming increasingly clear … so let’s take a closer look.

Weekend Preview: 14-15 June, 2014

There are a little over two weeks left this season and the WFTDA league table is taking shape.

Bay Area Relieves Terminal, 357-96

LOS ANGELES, CA–On the final day of the tournament, and the first publicly ticketed day, we saw yet another new meeting for Terminal City. This game went much as might have been expected from the start, with Bay Area identifying themselves only by number, and not names, a shift in approach that perhaps mimics Gotham’s notorious ‘hive mind’ approach, sloughing off even the transition generally in roller derby towards legal names. This approach was certainly echoed in their play, as they take a solid and all-but-interchangeable approach to gameplay.

Bay Area Fells Angel, 300-81

LOS ANGELES, CA–Having last met at Western regionals back in 2011 (Bay Area triumphing 227 to Angel City’s 70), but each having experienced a huge rise through the WFTDA rankings in the interim, this game was always going to be an interesting test of current rankings, especially given the score that Bay Area had pulled against Denver the day before.