D1S 9th: New Hampshire Crests Blue Ridge, 168-111

SACRAMENTO, CA–New Hampshire opened strong and were able to escape a second-half comeback by Blue Ridge to take 9th place at the first D1 tournament, 168-111.

D1S: #5 Terminal Curtails #10 Blue Ridge 377-76

SACRAMENTO, CA–Day two of D1 playoffs kicked off with a matchup between #5 seed Terminal City (WFTDA #18) and #10 seed Blue Ridge (WFTDA #41). This was the first game of the consolation bracket; Blue Ridge lost to #7 seed Tampa 337-74 in the second game of the weekend, while Terminal City lost to #4 seed Rat City 191-142 in game six last night.

Preview: #7 Tampa vs #10 Blue Ridge

The teams contesting the second game of day one in Sacramento had very different playoff seasons in 2013. Tampa came into Richmond with high hopes of improving on their seeding but dropped down to 9th after an upset by 10-seeded Terminal City on day one. Blue Ridge didn’t just see playoffs in the 2013 season, but they also went to Championships in Milwaukee, placing third.