Preview: Salem WFTDA Division 1 Playoff

SALEM, OR–Since August, we’ve been charting the Road to the Hydra as it has snaked through Des Moines and Kalamazoo for Division 2 Playoffs, and through Fort Wayne, Richmond and Asheville for Division 1. This weekend’s tournament in Salem, Oregon, is the last playoff tournament before champs in Milwaukee on November 8-10 and there are plenty of good match-ups on show.

ECDX 2013: Massacre Throws Tantrums, 197-128

FEASTERVILLE, PA–On day three of the East Coast Derby Extravaganza, WFTDA #24 ranked Boston Massacre squared off against the WFTDA #26 Tampa Tantrums. The last time these two teams faced each other was ECDX 2011, when Tampa got the upper skate, 86 over 80. Boston took the honours in a much higher scoring encounter this time out, taking the win 197-128.

Power Rankings – May 2013

Now we’re cooking. May saw a couple of upsets, but most of what we learned came from the closeness of games that went the right way.

#15 Charm City Pinches #19 Boston, 214-108

BALTIMORE, MD–The Boston Massacre went down the coast to play Charm City Roller Girls’ All Stars but failed to conquer their east coast rivals. Boston’s roster was bolstered by the return of LCD, from last year’s hiatus, as well as Providence Roller Derby transfer Craisy Dukes. Charm benefitted from the return of veteran Just Carol.