Connecticut Scales Green Mountain, 154-59

Connecticut Scales Green Mountain, 154-59 The majority of the pack goes down in a pileup. Photo: Mike DiDonato.

WOODBRIDGE, CT — After the visiting Assault City crew had just swamped the Connecticut B-team by 92 points in the undercard match of a doubleheader, the WFTDA-sanctioned main event between Connecticut (officially #12 in the WFTDA East, unranked nationally by DNN) and all-new WFTDA league Green Mountain (not yet ranked by either WFTDA or DNN) turned out to be a mirror image, favoring the home team. The halftime margin had CT up 82-18 (as opposed to the 81-15 score in the undercard) and the final saw Connecticut victorious by 95 points at 154-59, just a few points off the 141-49 final from the opener. Like the Yankee Brutals, the Stepford Sabotage went through a bit of a roster change in the offseason, including most notably, the promotion of some of last year’s Yankee Brutals.

Assault City 141, CTRG Yankee Brutals 49

Assault City 141, CTRG Yankee Brutals 49 Assault City's Dolly Foxx (in red) led all scoring with 70 points on the night. Photo: Mike DiDonato.

WOODBRIDGE, CT — Connecticut’s B-team, the Yankee Brutals, debuted five skaters playing in their first games and immediately fell into a big hole against the more seasoned Assault City (Syracuse, NY), down 57-0 after ten jams on their way to a 141-49 loss. Despite some strong jams that breathed some life into the skates of the Yankee Brutals, Assault City took and held control from the start.

MDC Preview: Connecticut @ Harm City

HAGERSTOWN, MD — The first season of the Men’s Derby Coalition hits its midpoint this Saturday as the Harm City Homicide (Baltimore, MD) and the Connecticut Death Quads face off in a match that will leave one team still winless and facing a very hard road to a potential berth in the October championship matchup.

Weekend in Review, 5/16/2010

Weekend in Review, 5/16/2010 Windy City (#1 North Central WFTDA, #9 nationally DNN) was the last top-ten team to play in 2010, but showed they were still a force by taking down North Star (#6 NC, #24 nationally) by 100 points, 159-59. Photo: Gil Leora.

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague

WFTDA Sanctioned

(6) Rose City 124, (7) Rat City 105 — Although visiting Rat City lost their jammer to the penalty box in both of the first two jams of this one, solid defense from Rat kept Rose City to only a 10-1 after 5 minutes of play. The action remained remarkably low-scoring through the opening ten minutes at 10-7 Rose City, and then yet another jammer major penalty — this one on Rat City’s Re-AnimateHer — allowed Rose to open up some space. RCR’s Cadillac pulled a 9-0 and iced Re-AnimateHer in the box by calling the jam, and the next one went 13-0 for RCR’s Sully Skullkicker, giving Rose their first solid lead at 32-7.