Outfit Remodels Demolition, 189-150

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Looking to take the title of 7th place overall, Demolition City (who came into the tournament an 8 seed) took on The Chicago Outfit (originally seeded 5th). Each team clearly had their sights set on victory for this game, but after an intense 60 minute fight, Demolition City was unable to match The Outfit’s smart defense and determined jammers. The Chicago Outfit took 7th place with a score of 189 to 150, though the score didn’t necessarily reflect how closely matched these teams were in terms of skill and intensity.

D2KW: Queen City Confounds Demolition City, 188-174

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Queen City’s Lake Effect Furies were among the pre-tournament favourites but fell in their opening game. Demolition City were one of the mystery packages of the weekend having played very few sanctioned or streamed games, and had shown themselves to be formidable and physical opponents. What followed was a game that defies description except to note that it featured 92 penalties, 31 of which were jammer penalties, with 18 of those jammer penalties going to Queen City.

D2KW: Demolition City Rolls Over Boulder, 194-183

KITCHENER, WATERLOO, ON–In one of the closest matches we’ve seen all weekend, 8 seed Demolition City and 6 seed Boulder County competed to move forward within the consolation bracket. Demolition City lost to Bear City in the first Kitchener-Waterloo game yesterday and Boulder County lost to Rideau Valley last night. Lead changes were the theme of the game, and it seemed that either team could have easily taken the win throughout the game. Ultimately, Demolition City was able to secure a lead in the last 3 jams, winning 194 to 183.

D2KW: Berlin Halts Demolition City, 180-177

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–In a closely contested meeting between Berlin and Demolition City, it became a game of power jams and power struggles as Berlin started slowly but went on an 81-5 run until the end of the first half to take the lead 100-59.