Q2 Homestretch 2012: East Region

Q2 Homestretch 2012: East Region 6E Montreal lost twice to 4E Steel City in 2011, but have a chance to pull themselves up the rankings when the teams meet again on June 9. Photo: Neal Humphris.

With the second quarter WFTDA rankings period closing at the end of the month, June’s bouts represent the final chances for teams to solidify their seeding for the September and October regional tournaments — or claim an invite by breaking into their region’s top ten.

ECE Saturday Preview

ECE Saturday Preview Boston lost twice to Gotham in 2009 by over 100 points; at 6:30 on Saturday, they'll give it a third shot. Photo: Tom Igoe.

Want to know what’s doing down at ECE this year? We’ve got you covered.

Eastern Regionals Capsule Recaps

Eastern Regionals Capsule Recaps Carolina's Holly Wanna Crackya is stuck behind Boston's Pussy Venom and Anna Wrecks'Ya as Carolina pivot Billy the Kid comes to help. Photo: Ziv Kruger.

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Championship bout: (2E) Philly 90, (1E) Gotham 89
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2009 WFTDA Eastern Regionals Preview

2009 WFTDA Eastern Regionals Preview Philly's Teflon Donna and Gotham's Suzy Hotrod jam against each other in action from 2008 Nationals. Photo: Joe Rollerfan.

RALEIGH, NC — The 2009 WFTDA regional tournament season kicks off this weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina with the Eastern Regional tournament hosted by the Carolina Rollergirls on the concrete of Dorton Arena. After years of a binary¬†East / West structure, WFTDA has split into four regions, meaning it’ll take four tournaments to determine who goes to November’s Nationals this year. 10 teams from each region will go to the tourneys this year, as opposed to the 12 from last year. In another change from previous years, only the top three will advance to Nationals — in 2007 and 2008, the final four from each region went. This has the effect of making the third place bout much more meaningful, as only the winner will get a trip to the final showdown in Philly.