Fall Brawl 2008 WFTDA Tournament Recap

FORT WAYNE, IN — The Fort Wayne Derby Girls hosted their 2nd annual Fall Brawl tournament at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, September 20, with a total of 15 teams in attendance. Eight teams competed in the WFTDA tournament, and in the end, the 6th-seeded team, #44 Arch Rival, would score back-to-back major upsets over #20 Cincinnati and #19 Grand Raggidy to claim the Fall Brawl championship.

The preliminary bouts of the tourney were played as two 10-minute halves, with the exception of the third-place bout and championship bout of the WFTDA bracket, which were regulation-length as two 30-minute halves. The non-WFTDA-bracket championship game was played with two 20-minute halves. Look for the non-WFTDA results in a separate article.

Game 1: (20) Cincinnati’s Black Sheep 69 vs. (46) Dixie Derby Girls 2

Cincinnati’s Black Sheep opened the WFTDA part of the Fall Brawl tournament by totally dominating the Dixie Derby Girls and winning by 69-2. Cincy got all 10 of the lead jammers in the game, and very nearly shut out Dixie. Dixie was able to get 2 points by 5 Scar Jeneral in the 2nd to last jam of the game to avoid the goose egg. Cincy led 31-0 at the half, and was led by Sadistic Sadie’s 20 points. Hannah Barbaric with 19 points and candyKICKass with 15 were the other high scorers for Cincy, followed by Cherry Choke with 9, Maim E Van Goren 5, and Jungle Lacy with 3 points.

Game 2: (44) Arch Rival Roller Girls 31 vs. (32) Ohio Roller Girls 14

The Arch Rival Roller Girls jumped out to a 4-0 lead over Ohio in the game’s first jam and never trailed en route to a 31-14 win. The 1st half was a defensive struggle with Arch Rival only leading 13-6 at the half. Two jams into the 2nd half, the gals from St, Louis were only leading it by 18-8. Then AR got grand slam jam wins by Eva Lasting Jawbreaker and Nemesistah! to pull away for the final victory. Nemesistah! and Jawbreaker each had 9 points in the game, and Chokehold Chanel had 8 points for Arch Rival, followed by Artemischief with 4 and Jenny Bonebreak with 1 point. Ohio was led by Foxy Force’s 9 points, followed by Barracuda with 3 and Drrty Girl with 2 points.

Game 3: (37) Ft. Wayne Derby Girls Bomb Squad 39 vs. (29) Naptown Tornado Sirens 7

The Bomb Squad was in charge all the way, leading 16-1 at the half before going on to defeat Naptown 39-7. The pack play was fairly loose in this game, with some head-hunting and hard hitting that stopped the game for injuries a couple of times. Naptown had lots of penalties, particularly to their jammers late in the game. Pushycat led the Bomb Squad with 15 points, followed by Enya Grave with 9, Kitty Killjoy and R.I.P. Tide each with 7, and GoGo Beware with 1 point. Naptown’s only scoring was 5 points by Slammy Faye and 2 pts by Shadi Lane.

Game 4: (19) Grand Raggidy Roller Girls 41 vs. (u) Sioux Falls Roller Dollz 17

Grand Raggidy rolled out to a 4-2 lead in the opening jam and never looked back, leading 23-9 at halftime before going on to defeat Sioux Falls 41-17. GR was one of the favorites at the Fall Brawl and Sioux Falls were gamers to hang with them as Sioux Falls only recently became a WFTDA-sanctioned league. SF was hampered in the 2nd period by many of their blockers going to the penalty box. It was noted in this game that Grand Raggidy was missing Dot Matrix, who was not at the tournament. GR scorers were Mira Maheiney 14, Racey Wreck’hell 13, Jackie Daniels 12, and Lucy Morals 2 points. Sioux Falls was led by Applicious with 13 points and Julia Wild with 4 points.

Game 5: (32) Ohio Roller Girls 24 vs. (46) Dixie Derby Girls 22 (consolation bracket)

This was a very exciting game with a great finish. The Fall Brawl tournament guaranteed each team would play at least two games. As this was the consolation bracket where each team had already lost a game, which ever team lost this game was eliminated from the tournament, and so the teams battled each other nip and tuck all the way. The 1st half was like trench warfare and Ohio led only 8-7 at halftime.

The game continued to go back and forth in the 2nd half. Dixie took a 22-19 lead late in the 2nd half, but had their jammer, Wicked One, in the box to start the final jam of the game. That’s when Ohio’s Drrty Girl rose to the occasion and scored a 5-0 grand slam win to pull the game out for Ohio by 24-22. Drrty Girl led Ohio with 14 points followed by Foxy Force with 7 and Barracuda with 3 pts. Wicked One led Dixie with 15 points along with C.U. Afterclass with 4 and 5 Scar Jeneral with 3 pts.

Game 6: (29) Naptown Tornado Sirens 40 (36?) vs. (u) Sioux Falls Roller Dollz 30 (consolation bracket)

The scoreboard at the half said 28-18 in favor of Naptown, but looking at the score sheets after the game it was found there had only been 24 points tallied by Naptown in that 1st half, so I believe this game should have only been 24-18 in favor of Naptown at the half. Naptown had a 14-8 lead in the 1st half when their jammer Jane Ire racked up a double grand slam to put her team ahead 24-8. But then Sioux Falls came right back with a double grand slam of their own by Julia Wild to cut the lead to 24-18.

The 1st two jams of the 2nd half were scoreless, then in jam 3 Sioux’s Lilly KillKill put up a 4-0 win. The scoreboard said 28-22 in favor of Naptown at that point in time, although I believe it was in reality only a 24-22 lead for the skaters from Indy. Naptown put up two 4-0 jam wins by Fin Addict and Jane Ire to pull ahead 32-22, but Sioux Falls’ Queen Elizabitch won the final jam 8-4 to make the game very close at the end. Scoreboard said 40-30 for Naptown, should have said 36-30 at the end. Jane Ire led Naptown with 24 points, also Slammy Faye had 8 and Fin Addict had 4 pts. Queen Elizabitch was high scorer for Sioux Falls with 14, followed by Julia Wild with 10, Lilly KillKill with 4, and Applicious with 2 points.

photo: Jeff SevierGame 7: (44) Arch Rival Roller Girls 34 vs. (20) Cincinnati’s Black Sheep 25 (semi-final)

A number of folks thought that Cincinnati would end up playing Grand Raggidy for the WFTDA part of the Fall Brawl championship, and with Cincy leading 16-10 at the half, it looked like that could still happen. The 2nd half opened with a scoreless jam, then Arch Rival outscored Cincy 15-0 in the next three jams to suddenly lead 25-16. Cincy won jam 5 by 9-4 to cut the Arch Rival lead to 29-25, but then AR put up a 4-0 final jam win by Artemischief to seal the deal in Arch Rival’s electrifying 34-25 victory over the Black Sheep.

In the game’s 14 jams, Cincy’s Sadistic Sadie jammed in 11 of them, including all 6 jams in the 2nd half. Sadie was high scorer in the game with 22 points; candyKICKass was the only other Cincy scorer with 3 points.

The Arch Rivals had a balanced scoring attack with Jenny ‘Bonebreak with 9 points, Artemischief 8, Chokehold Chanel 7, and Eva Lasting Jawbreaker and The Siege each with 5 points.

Game 8: (19) Grand Raggidy Roller Girls 36 vs. (37) Ft. Wayne Derby Girls Bomb Squad 14 (semi-final)

The Bomb Squad jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the game’s first jam, but then Grand Raggidy took control and rolled to a relatively easy 36-14 win over the Ft. Wayne Bomb Squad. GR led it 19-6 at the half behind a couple of grand slams from Jackie Daniels and Mira Maheiney. Jackie and Mira each had 10 points for Grand Raggidy, Racey Wreck’hell had 8, and Lindsay Blowhan and Lucy Morals each had 4 points. Pushycat led the Bomb Squad with 6 points, Enya Grave had 5 and R.I.P. Tide had 3 pts.

Game 9: (20) Cincinnati’s Black Sheep 40 vs. (20) Naptown Tornado Sirens 28 (consolation semi-final)

Naptown couldn’t stave off elimination in one of the consolation games, losing to a hard skating Cincinnati squad 40-28. Halfway through the 1st half Naptown led it 8-1, but Cincy outscored Naptown 15-4 in the last 3 jams of the half, including an 8-4 win in jam 4 by Sadistic Sadie and a 7-0 win in jam 6 by candyKICKass (with a grand slam), and Cincy led at the break, 16-12.

Cincinnati busted the game open in the 2nd half with 4-0 and 7-0 jam wins by Sadie and candy to lead 27-12. Sadie won jam 3 by an 8-4 score over Shadi Lane, and when Sadie was lapping Shadi, Sadie said something to Shadi and pointed her finger at Shadi, at which time Shadi laid a lick on Sadie that sent Sadie careening into the Cincy bench. Sadie got another 5-0 slam win two jams later to make it 40-20 for the Sheep, then in the final jam that started with 12 seconds left, Naptown’s Jane Ire got lead and won the jam 8-0 despite Naptown having 2 blockers in the box to only one for Cincy; however, the Cincy lead was too large to overcome and Cincy won it 40-28.

Sadistic Sadie led the scoring with 20 points. Other Cincy scorers were candyKICKass 14, Cherry Choke 5, and Jungle Lacy 1 point. Naptown’s scoring came from Jane Ire with 13 points, followed by Shadi Lane 8, Slammy Faye 4, and Fin Addict with 3 points.

Game 10: (32) Ohio Roller Girls 19 vs. (37) Ft. Wayne Derby Girls Bomb Squad 16 (consolation semi-final)

Ohio played another trench warfare style of game early on, holding the Bomb Squad to only 1 point in the 1st half, that point coming in the last jam of the half. Ohio was only able to score 10 points themselves in the half, and 7 of those points came in the last two jams. In the 2nd half the Bomb Squad made a game of it. Halfway through the final half, Ohio led it 16-7. Then in jams 4 & 5 Ft. Wayne’s R.I.P. Tide and Pushycat won by 4-1 and 5-0 to suddenly pull to within 1 point of the lead at 17-16. The final jam started with 1:05 left on the game clock, and Ohio’s Barracuda forced her way past Majestic for the lead. The Bomb Squad’s jammer, Kitty Killjoy, was stuck in the pack. Barracuda then preserved Ohio’s win by scoring a couple of points to win it 19-16. More importantly, Barracuda did not call off the jam until time had expired, thus preventing another jam from starting.

Barracuda was high scorer of the game with 12 points. Other Ohio scorers were Allie Catraz with 4, Drrty Girl with 2, and Mase*a*Saurus Rex 1 point. Scoring for the Bomb Squad were Pushycat with 8 points, and Kitty Killjoy and R.I.P. Tide with 4 points each.


The final two games on the WFTDA track were regulation 60 minute games, played in two 30-minute halves.

Game 11: (20) Cincinnati’s Black Sheep 113 vs. (32) Ohio Roller Girls 17 (consolation final)

Ohio tried to hang with Cincinnati early, then ran out of steam. Three jams into the game Cincy led 8-5, then Cincy posted four straight 4-0 jam wins to lead 24-5, and it only got worse for Ohio after that. It was 49-12 for the Black Sheep at the half, and Cincy outscored Ohio by an even larger margin in the 2nd half, 64-5, to easily win the game 113-17.

Cincy continued to use their regular jammer rotation throughout the game, perhaps to gain more experience and toughness before the WFTDA East Regional tournament coming up in a few weeks. Ohio, on the other hand, used the loss to give a number of skaters some experience at jamming. Cincy also had Hannah Barbaric back in the lineup for this game. Hannah sat out the game against Arch Rival due to an injury received in Cincy’s opening win versus Dixie.

In the 60 minute game, Cincy’s Sadistic Sadie led all scorers with 50 points, candyKICKass had 30, Hannah Barbaric 29, and Jungle Lacy had 4 points. Ohio was led by Drrty Girl with 5 points, then Barracuda and Phoenix Bunz each with 4, Chewblocka and Foxy Force each with 2, and jamming but not scoring were Kill Basa, Kitty Liquorbottom, and Mase*a*Saurus Rex.

Game 12: (44) Arch Rival Roller Girls 86 vs. (19) Grand Raggidy Roller Girls 71 (championship)

One thing can be said (or written) with certainty: Fall Brawl 2008 saved the best for last. The WFTDA-track championship game was fast-paced, hard-hitting, and highly entertaining. Both teams played with lots of nerve and heart, but in the end the “upstart” Arch Rival Roller Girls from St. Louis outlasted Grand Raggidy to win 86-71. Some folks had picked Grand Raggidy and Cincinnati as the favorites of the Fall Brawl WFTDA tourney as Grand Raggidy was ranked #19 and Cincinnati was #20 while Arch Rival was only ranked #44. But Arch Rival was not to be denied, and this day at Fall Brawl was their day to shine. Arch Rival ended up knocking off both Cincy and Grand Raggidy, and can only move up in the rankings.

Grand Raggidy went with their regular jammer rotation of Mira Maheiney, Jackie Daniels, and Racey Wreck’hell. Arch Rival countered with five different jammers wearing the star at least five times: Artemischief, Jenny Bonebreak, The Siege, Chokehold Chanel, and Eva Lasting Jawbreaker. About a third of the way through the 1st half Arch Rival had a lead of 16 points, then Grand Raggidy stormed back to take a 51-47 lead at the half. Grand Raggidy built their lead to 12 points early in the 2nd half and nursed it until about halfway in the final period when Jenny Bonebreak reeled off a 10-0 double grand slam jam win to put Arch Rival back on top to stay.

The story of the game had to be Arch Rival’s defense, who after allowing 51 points in the first 30 minutes, held GR to just 20 points in the 2nd half. AR shut out GR in 13 of the 2nd half’s 19 jams, including a critical stretch of 6 consecutive jams in the middle of the half. In fact, after jam 6 in the 2nd half, Grand Raggidy was only able to score in jams 13 and 17, scoring 4 points in each of those jams.

1st Half

The 1st jam started with wild action. AR’s Artemischief gained lead jammer status and a 4-0 jam win over Racey Wreck’hell, ending when GR’s Bette Mangler belted Artemischief into the Grand Raggidy bench. Mira Maheiney then grabbed the lead in jam 2 with the assistance of a nice block from teammate Angie Warhaul on Chokehold Chanel. Mira scored her four points, and as AR’s jammer Chanel was trapped in the pack, Mira went around for another scoring pass; however, Chanel was able to get loose and get some points and Mira only won the jam 8-4 which tied the score at 8-8.

Jackie Daniels got lead jammer in jam 3 when Lucy Morals took down Jenny Bonebreak, drawing a major penalty in the process. Jackie scored 4 points, then got called for a major penalty for a back block, whence Jenny Bonebreak was able to score a double grand slam, ended when GR’s Terrorhawk hip rolled Jenny to the concrete. It was 18-12 for Arch Rival. Jam 4 was scoreless. GR’s Racey got through first but wasn’t lead, and when AR’s Eva Lasting Jawbreaker then got lead she quickly called the jam. So far the packs were extremely fast, and they pretty much kept up the pace the entire game.

Mira Maheiney got lead for GR in jam 5 when AR’s Eli Wallop whipped her own jammer The Siege out of bounds. Mira went on to a 2-0 jam win. GR’s The Vindicator got a major for an “out of play” block. It was 18-14 for AR. Arch Rival’s Artemischief fended off hard blocks from Jackie Daniels and Lucy Morals to earn lead in jam 6, going on to an 8-0 jam win to up the AR lead to 26-14.

It was noticeable that Grand Raggidy was having some penalty troubles. Chokehold Chanel upped the Arch Rival lead to 16 points with a 4-0 jam win in jam 7. There was some confusion in the jam as GR’s jammer Racey Wreck’hell thought she had been sent to the box, but hadn’t.

Grand Raggidy put on a surge in jams 8-11, outscoring Arch Rival 20-0 in those jams. Mira Maheiney won jam 8 by 8-0 with a slam, followed by a 5-0 slam win by Jackie Daniels in jam 9. Racey Wreck’hell took advantage of AR’s jammer, The Siege, and pivot, Shanghai Lily, both getting sent to the box in jam 10, and Racey won jam 10 by 4-0. That put Grand Raggidy on top, 31-30. The Siege started off jam 11 in the box, so GR’s Mira Maheiney got a 3-0 jam win, calling it off when she couldn’t get by Overland Offender. Suddenly, Grand Raggidy led it 34-30 after erasing a 16 point deficit.

Arch Rival broke their drought in jam 12 when Artemischief got lead off a nice whip from Shanghai Lily, then went on to a 2-0 jam win. AR then retook the lead with a strong 10-0 double grand slam win by Chokehold Chanel in jam 13. Chanel had to earn that jam win the hard way. First, she tried racing around the outside of the pack to get the lead, only to receive two hard blocks, including one apparently to her face as she slowed momentarily and appeared to be holding her nose. Then GR’s jammer, Racey Wreck’hell, joined two of her teammates in the box, leaving only two GR blockers on the track. That’s when Chanel made her move to get the lead and the two slams. It should be noted that AR’s blockers did a nice job of slowing the pack to make it easier for Chanel to race around to get more points. It was back to AR leading, 42-34. The announcers announced that GR’s Bette Mangle had been ejected, but Bette skated later in the game so that announcement was apparently in error.

Chanel had been sent to the box right at the end of jam 13, which made for an unusual situation as jam 14 started with BOTH jammers in the penalty box! However, GR’s Racey had less than 10 seconds remaining in her penalty and so as soon as the pack was whistled away she was back on the track. Racey’s time back on the track was short-lived as she was sent right back to the box for tripping someone. That made it an official jammerless jam and so it was stopped.

Arch Rival selected Overland Offender to jam against Lindsay Blowhan in jam 15. Overland got lead jammer, and Lindsay was trapped in the pack. Overland got 4 points, then suffered a hard block from Tone Loco, and Overland got her 4th minor for forearms and was sent off. Lindsay was able to then get through the pack and score a grand slam for Grand Raggidy in spite of Arch Rival’s blockers trying to speed up the pack. After the great action and GR’s 5-4 jam win it was still Arch Rival in front, 46-39. Mira Maheiney took advantage of Overland Offender starting jam 16 in the box, and Mira went on to a 5-0 slam win.

At that point in the game, the scoreboard said GR had retaken the lead 44-42, but after a lengthy conference the officials put an additional 4 points on the board for Arch Rival which officially put their lead at 46-44. It was somewhat confusing at the time. (This narrative has the corrected, official, scores in the previous jam results. At the time, Overland Offender had not originally been given credit for her 4 points in jam 15, thus they were restored.)

Jackie Daniels helped Grand Raggidy creep back to within a point by winning jam 17 by 2-1 over Jenny Bonebreak in spite of Jenny having the lead. Then Mira Maheiney got lead when AR’s Eva Lasting Jawbreaker ran into her own teammate in jam 18, Mira going on to score a 5-0 grand slam win to finish off the 1st half with Grand Raggidy on top 51-47. Grand Raggidy held a 9-8 edge in lead jammers in the half. The only thing that marred the play in the 1st half were numerous official’s time-outs–seven of them. But it’s better that everything gets sorted out properly, and the players were able to maintain a fast pace throughout the period.

2nd Half

Before the 2nd half started, the Arch Rival coaches were in a “discussion” with the referees regarding how many penalties were showing on the whiteboards in the infield. When play finally got started, Grand Raggidy extended their lead by outscoring Arch Rival 9-1 in the 1st four jams. Mira Maheiney got an easy 4-0 win for GR in jam 1, then she called it when she was taken down by Overland Offender, Overland skating off to the penalty box. Jam 2 was scoreless. Jackie Daniels got lead, then was playing cat and mouse with AR’s jammer Artemischief. Eventually, Jackie got tired of the game, then hit Artemischief out of bounds and called off the jam. GR’s Racey Wreck’hell made a nice move to cut in front of Jenny Bonebreak to get the lead in jam 3, but that jam ended in a 1-1 tie. Mira Maheiney raced through the middle of the pack to get lead in jam 4, then on her scoring pass she picked up her 3rd and 4th points with a nice veer move to cut between Mayor Francis Slayer and Grave Danger, then called the jam. GR had their biggest lead at 60-48.

The Siege got a 4-0 jam win for Arch Rival in jam 5 when Jackie Daniels was sent to the box, then Racey Wreck’hell came right back with a 3-0 win for Grand Raggidy in jam 6. Racey called the jam when she was knocked down by Overland Offender. At that point, it was 63-52 in favor of Grand Raggidy. After that, Arch Rival took command and shut out the girls from Grand Rapids in the next 6 jams.

Jenny Bonebreak started the Arch Rival comeback with a 5-0 slam win in jam 7. GR’s Mira Maheiney was sent to the box for cutting the track. Mira had attempted to perform a nice jump move on the inside of the track to jump by a couple of blockers. unfortunately for her and GR, she landed out of bounds, hence the penalty. GR was also hurt in that jam by losing two blockers to the box, leaving only two GR blockers, Terrorhawk and Bette Mangler, on the track. To top it off, the pack got split which led to easy points for Jenny. it was 63-57, still in GR’s favor. Chokehold Chanel got Arch Rival closer with a 3-0 win in jam 8. Chanel got lead when GR’s Tone Loco got a major for an out of play block, and Chanel finally called the jam when Jackie Daniels caught up with her. It was 63-60 for Grand Raggidy.

Jams 9 and 10 were scoreless. In jam 9, Mira Maheiney got through the pack first but was waved off as lead jammer. Artemischief then got the lead before Mira could score, and Artemischief quickly called off the jam. In jam 10, AR’s Eva Lasting Jawbreaker got the lead but called it off when she was passed by Jackie Daniels.

Jam 11 was the big jam of the game for Arch Rival (looking back in hindsight). Jenny Bonebreak got a quick lead jammer when GR’s Racey Wreck’hell tripped and got trapped in the pack. Jenny came around and got mostly through the pack, then was held up by GR’s Tone Loco and Viva la Boom. Arch Rival’s blockers slowed the pack, putting Tone and Viva out of play, and Jenny completed her grand slam, also with Viva getting whistled to the penalty box — and the jam would only get worse for GR. Jenny came around for another scoring pass as Racey was still trapped in the pack. Racey tried to block Jenny in the pack, but only succeeded in getting sent off with a major for cutting the track, thus enabling Jenny to complete a 2nd grand slam in that jam. With the 10-0 jam win the gals from St. Louis were back on top, 70-63.

With GR’s jammer Racey starting jam 12 in the box, Chokehold Chanel was able to pick up lead jammer when GR’s Viva la Boom let her go, fearing another out of play major for being more than 20 feet in front of the pack. Chanel went on to a 6-0 jam win, extending Arch Rival’s lead to 13 points at 76-63.

Mira Maheiney got a 4-0 jam win for Grand Raggidy in jam 13, but it was tough. AR’s jammer, The Siege, went to the box, but Mira was still at the back of the pack on her initial pass. Finally, Mira worked her way around Shanghai Lily to get lead jammer and a scoring pass, but Mira had to endure some hard blocking in the jam. It was still a 9 point lead for AR at 76-67.

Jams 14 & 15 were scoreless. Jackie Daniels cut through the middle to get lead jammer in jam 14 because of a nice block by Terrorhawk. Then when Jackie came around on her scoring pass she was stymied by Grave Danger, so Jackie called it. Although the refs didn’t signal any points for Jackie, it seemed from my vantage point that she may have got by one or two AR blockers. The Grand Raggidy bench was yelling at the refs, asking for a signal for the score for GR from that jam, but never got a signal. Finally, GR tried to call time out just as jam 15 was starting, but they were waved off. Although those possible 1 or 2 points wouldn’t have made any difference in the game (as events proved) I do believe the refs should have stopped the game for a review.

Jenny Bonebreak got lead jammer in jam 15, but inexplicably called off the jam as she was approaching the pack on her scoring pass. At that time the officials finally granted GR coach Wheels McGee an officials’ timeout, although they still did not add any points to Grand Raggidy’s total. With 5:54 showing on the clock, it was still 76-67 for Arch Rival.

Arch Rival dug a deeper hole for Grand Raggidy in jam 16 when Chokehold Chanel rang up a 10-0 double grand slam win. GR’s jammer Mira Maheiney had been sent to the box, and Chanel had a relatively easy time passing through the pack en route to her two slams. That deepened GR’s deficit to 19 points at 86-67. Jackie Daniels gave a valiant effort for GR in jam 17 with a 4-0 jam win and a quick call off to try to get more jams in.

But the last two jams were scoreless. Mira Maheiney got lead for GR in jam 18 after first getting knocked down and falling behind the pack, then was blocked hard by Grave Danger. When Mira did finally get lead jammer, she quickly called the jam. In jam 19, AR’s Artemischief got the lead, then was passed by Jackie Daniels. Artemischief alertly waited for the game clock to show 0:00 before she called the jam, thus ending the game in an 86-71 game and tournament victory for the Arch Rival Roller Girls.


Grand Raggidy’s Mira Maheiney led all jammers in the game with 43 points in 13 jams with 10 leads and 3 grand slams. Other GR jammers were: Jackie Daniels (15 points, 12 jams, 5 leads, 1 slam); Racey Wreck’hell (8 pts, 11 jams, 3 leads); Lindsay Blowhan (5 pts, 1 jam, 1 slam).

Arch Rival was led by Chokehold Chanel with 37 points in 6 jams with 3 leads and 5 grand slams. Other AR jammers: Jenny Bonebreak (27 points, 8 jams, 4 leads, 5 slams); Artemischief (14 pts, 9 jams, 5 leads, 1 slam); Overland Offender (4 pts, 2 jams, 1 lead); The Siege (4 pts, 7 jams); Eva Lasting Jawbreaker (0 pts, 5 jams, 2 leads).

Arch Rival’s Chokehold Chanel was named MVP of the game, a well-deserved honor.


This was a fiercely competitive game. Arch Rival earned their victory with solid play in this game and throughout the tourney. Their blockers had the endurance to keep the pack speed fast throughout the long day, their jammers were able to win their share of leads, they knew when to call the jam, and they tried to stay out of the penalty box. Not taking anything away from Grand Raggidy, either. Although Grand Raggidy did not have Dot Matrix at the tournament, they also played well throughout the day, and they did not take Arch Rival lightly as Grand Raggidy was also keeping the pace fast from the start of the championship game.

In the game, Grand Raggidy did draw more penalties, 60 minors and 22 majors as opposed to Arch Rival’s 63 minors and 12 majors. GR lost players to the penalty box for 28 minutes in the game to only 12 minutes for Arch Rival.

Grand Raggidy is heading off to the WFTDA East Regional playoffs soon, Arch Rival heads home. But watch for Arch Rival to significantly move up the WFTDA rankings!

All in all, it was a fantastic day of watching derby. There were experienced leagues in action, some not-so-experienced leagues there to gain experience, and a hard-knocking good time was had by all!

Photos: arilius0, jsevier14, tomklubens

Dominion Withdraws from Eastern Regionals

In a disappointment for the crew from Virginia Beach, the Dominion Derby Girls, the lowest seed in the upcoming Eastern Regionals, has been forced by personnel issues to drop out. Dominion has always been one of the smallest successful WFTDA leagues roster-wise, managing to rise to #22 in the national rankings despite almost never being able to field a full 14-skater lineup. Along with #19 Grand Raggidy [edit: and #20 Cincinnati] they’re one of the only teams in the top 25 that do not play a local-teams season, going with a strictly interleague structure.

DNN talked to Dominion’s The Ruffian about the decision:

[quote]There are a couple major reasons we had to reach this decision, one being money and the other being a lack of skaters. As a league, we were not able to offer any financial support to our skaters who would have to pay for this trip completely out of pocket. The uncertainty of being able to raise enough money through fundraising, was not a comfortable place to be in for some people. In addition, we have always been a small league, usually carrying no more than 12 skaters on a game roster at a time. Currently we have 13 active skaters. Of those 13 only 5 were able to say that they could definitely commit to making the tournament. Many had work conflicts and could not guarantee that they could get the time off.

We are extremely heartbroken about this decision, but hope that the derby community understands the predicament we are in. We want to congratulate Providence on their opportunity to appear and wish them the best of luck!

As The Ruffian alludes to, the withdrawal is cause for celebration for Providence fans, as the #23 team from Rhode Island moves into the Dominion slot and will be facing Dominion’s scheduled opponent, #9 Detroit, on Eastern Regionals’ opening day. While Detroit had met and solidly defeated Dominion 165-53 at June’s East Coast Extravaganza event, Detroit and Providence have never played one another.

WFTDA Bout Preview: #15 Madison Takes On #22 Dominion

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — #15 Madison looks to continue their recent upswing as they come down from the cold upper Midwest to get it on with the young Dominion posse from Virginia Beach.

After a tough 2007 campaign for Madison in which they were unable to notch a single WFTDA win, the Dairyland Dolls have been showing considerably more fire this year. The first sign that they were on their way back was a convincing 159-74 home win over #25 Denver, but they made the definitive statement at June’s ECE in Philly. There, they walloped Fort Wayne by a jaw-dropping final of 250-38, and very nearly upset highly-ranked tournament hosts #8 Philly, staying in the 106-93 bout until the closing minutes.

They did capitalize on their next opportunity for an upset, though, beating #11 Charm City at home in July in an extremely close 108-101 contest that also came down to the last few minutes. They’ve also got a big win over Milwaukee’s neighboring Brew City, giving them a 4-2 WFTDA record for 2008.

Dominion has built up a gaudy 5-1 record going back to November of last year, but the majority of their wins have come against lowly ranked or unranked teams — #39 Sin City, #50 Long Island, #32 Ohio, #41 Steel City and, most recently, new WFTDA addition DC. Their one test against a tournament-level team went poorly for them, as #9 Detroit easily handled them at ECE.

Dominion was short-handed for that contest with Detroit, though, only fielding 11 players and missing significant components like Turbovision, Asian Chowdown and Pretty Sk8 Machine. However, even though they’re playing at home for this bout, they’ll only be suiting up 12 players with none of the aforementioned players back on the roster, against a full 14 for Madison — so the home team will have its hands full.

With Dominion holding the lowest seed in the upcoming Eastern Regionals, they’ll be hoping to demonstrate that they can hang with more highly-ranked teams. Madison, on the other hand, is poised to regain their intimidating prestige from pre-Heartland Havoc, and a solid win here could only help that cause.

65 mil BC T.Rex YaFace  // 600 Degrees C Spontaneous Combustya // 00 Tsunami Tsue // 5 Sweet N. Lowdown // 2 Frankendoll // 1983 RubHer Ducky // 37 Bam Bam McCha-Cha // 1776 Duchess America // 29 Thunder Lips // 13 Holly GoBiteMe // 1979 Ruffian // 5150 Van Hellion

1134 Back Dorris // 888 Paine Mansfield // 311 Chop Suzzy // 214 Stevie
Knocks // 14 Darling Nikki // 925 Dolly Pardon Me // 2 Dutch Oven // 99
Jewels of Denile // 131 MJ Mauly Tov // 4 Mouse // 66 Mustang // 5
Princess Die // 24 Carrie A. HackSAW // 773W5 STank Girl the Stench

#22 Dominion Controls Unranked DC, 161-48

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — On July 27th, one of WFTDA’s newest members, the DC Rollergirls, traveled down south for their first-ever WFTDA regulation bout against the speedy crew from Dominion, currently ranked #22 in the nation. The home team would jump out to a early lead  and build it consistently all night long, rolling to a lopsided 113-point victory.
Dominion’s T Rex Ya Face started things off on a good note, earning lead jammer status right off the bat, and posting the first 3 points to the scoreboard. Jam 3 saw Dominion’s Sweet N. Lowdown take full advantage of DC jammer Condoleeza Slice’s trip to the box on a track-cutting major, racking up 10 points. From there, Dominion never looked back, accumulating points in just about every jam. Shaking off her penalty troubles in Jam 6, DC’s Slice returned to the jammer line, carving through the pack and quickly picking up lead jammer. She posted her team’s first 7 points of the evening and called off the jam.

Unfortunately, DC soon hit another speed bump when they saw Camilla the Hun ejected from the first period after receiving her 4th major in Jam 8. Contributing to the dominance of the first half was the incredible defense of Dominion’s captain, Spontaneous Coumbustya, and Frankendoll trading off in the power blocker position. On DC’s defensive end, the work of Hooah! Girl and former Carolina Rollergirl Eris Discordia, was noted, as they both landed several strategic hits to the Dominion offense. The story of the night, however, belonged to Dominion’s Super Hera, appearing in her first and last bout on Dominion home soil. Hera posted an impressive 18 points in the first half. As the whistle blew signaling the end of the first half, the scoreboard read 79-22 in Dominion’s favor.
As the second half began, there was a noticeable change to DC’s roster as they welcomed back Camilla the Hun and added Eris Discordia, both in the jammer position. This did not deter Dominion’s drive, however, as they answered DC’s stepped up aggression hit for hit. Dominion’s jammers continued to dominate the second half when in Jams 6 and 7 the one-two punch of Tsunami Tsue and Sweet N. Lowdown delivered a 13-point and 10-point jam respectively. Not to be out done, Eris Discordia made use of Super Hera’s cutting major, posting 9 points for her team.

DC’s drive could not be sustained, however, against Dominion’s intense defensive players Bam Bam McCha-Cha, Duchess America and Holly GoBiteMe. As the clock wound down, the crowd was on its feet cheering on both teams. The dust settled with the scoreboard reading 161 – 48. Both teams were all smiles as they shared sweaty hugs, shook hands and congratulated each other on a game well played.


Dominating the night in the jammer position was Dominion’s Sweet N. Lowdown earning 57 points in her 9 appearances on the track. She earned Lead Jammer all 9 times and put up a whopping 10 grand slams. Also posting big points for Dominion were Tsunami Tsue  (43 points, 8 jams, 3 leads, 4 grand slams); T.Rex Ya Face (31 pts, 10 jams, 7 leads, 2 grand slams); and Super Hera (30 pts, 9 jams, 6 leads, 1 grand slam).
Leading in the jamming department for DC was Condoleeza Slice earning 19 points in 5 jams, 4 of which she earned Lead Jammer. Following closely behind her was Eris Discordia (11 points, 6 jams, 2 leads, 1 grand slam). Additional jammers included Free Radical (7 points, 6 jams, 1 lead), Camilla the Hun (5 points, 7 jams), Blonde Fury (4 points, 6 jams, 1 lead) and Meatball (2 points, 5 jams).

The Dominion All Stars are now training for what could prove to be a tough bout against the #15 ranked Mad Rollin Dolls of Madison, WI, who are on a roll after a thrilling upset win over #11 Charm City. That bout takes place on August 23rd at the Commotion By the Ocean derby event at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.
Next up for the DC Rollergirls will be a home bout against another newly minted WFTDA league, Harrisburg Area Roller Derby (H.A.R.D.), on September 6th.

Photo: Dharmabox