D2DM: Brewcity Downs Duke City, 262-189

DES MOINES, IA–This last bout of Saturday night appeared closely matched through the first half, with the lead barely reaching double digits–but a couple of big power jams for Brewcity in the second period secured them the win, and a meeting with Dallas tomorrow for 5th place at the first WFTDA Division 2 playoffs.

D2DM: Duke City Demolishes Tallahassee, 274-94

D2DM: Duke City Demolishes Tallahassee, 274-94 Photo Credit: Jenni Davidson/Kit Ruff

DES MOINES, IA–Despite penalty trouble on both sides (albeit not to the level of some games this weekend), Duke City put up a commanding 274-94 win over Tallahassee thanks largely to strong defensive play which consistently held the team in orange to single-digit scores on power jams, while Duke City routinely put up 15-20 point margins on their own power jams.

Power Rankings – May 2013

Now we’re cooking. May saw a couple of upsets, but most of what we learned came from the closeness of games that went the right way.

Q2 Homestretch 2012: South Central Region

Q2 Homestretch 2012: South Central Region 6SC Tampa Bay looks likely to vault up the rankings after solidly defeating both 3NC Nashville (150-87) and 5SC Atlanta (201-73) in May. Photo: Axle Adams.

With the second quarter WFTDA rankings period closing at the end of the month, June’s bouts represent the final chances for teams to solidify their seeding for the September and October regional tournaments — or claim an invite by breaking into their region’s top ten.