Preview: Spring Roll 2010

FORT WAYNE, IN — After a 2009 hiatus, one of the earliest annual tournaments — Fort Wayne’s 2007 and 2008 Fall Brawl — comes back with a seasonal change and a name change. On Saturday, May 8th, the 2010 Spring Roll makes history by featuring a regional women’s tournament on one track and a national men’s tournament on the other.

Weekend in Review, 2/15/2010

Weekend in Review, 2/15/2010 Charm City's Twibite tries to duck around Montreal's Jess Bandit. CCRG was victorious 159-57 in the first-ever meeting between the squads. Photo: Glenn Fitzpatrick.

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Weekend In Review, 1/11/2010

Weekend In Review, 1/11/2010 Rosemary's Baby (Fort Wayne S.W.A.T. team) tries to avoid fallen WCR The Fury pivot Dee Monica. Photo: John Rothwell.

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