Naptown & Dutchland Challenge Carolina Teams

RALEIGH, NC — Carolina welcomes two younger WFTDA teams to Dorton Arena this Saturday as the Naptown Rollergirls come down from Indianapolis to take on the Carolina All-Stars and the Dutchland Rollergirls visit from Lancaster, PA to battle the Carolina B team, the Bootleggers.

The first bout finds Naptown working with a roster dramatically scrambled by injury, with 4 critical players unable to suit up — Joan of Dark out with an injured shoulder, blocker Kitiara down with a ripped leg muscle, Ivanna B. Naughty out with a slipped disk in her neck, and Sin Lizzie out with a broken nose and concussion suffered during a bout with Steel City on January 10th. (Naptown was already down some jammers from previous injuries, including Blazin’ Ace, Shady Layne and Slammy Faye.)

Unable to field enough players from their chartered all-star roster, Naptown will be sending some of their newest skaters, causing this bout to not be sanctioned for ranking purposes — but it looks to be a test of the depth of the Indy girls’ bench.

For their own part, Carolina is also sporting a somewhat different look in their first action of 2009. Carolina jammer mainstays Princess America, Betty Rumble and Zella Lugosi are all off the all-star roster, with Zella having retired in December, Betty on leave of absence and Princess America playing with the Bootleggers this quarter. With CRG down three of their most experienced and effective point-scorers, this will be a potential showcase for new jammers to make their mark on one of flat-track’s most veteran rosters.

Naptown, ranked #25 in WFTDA, is coming off a lopsided upset loss to low-ranked Steel City (#38) on January 10, 104-44, and will be trying to gain momentum and gain experience for their next bout with non-WFTDA NEO Rollergirls on February 14th. #6 Carolina’s most recent match was a solid win over #13 Madison in December, 131-54.

Bianca O’Blivion 83 // Daisy Rage 66 // DVS 131 (c) // Elka Meano 454 // Holly Wanna Crackya 999 (c) // Kali 51 // Kelly Clocks’em 212 // Kitty Crowbar  110 //Maddat U  256 // MC Fyte 12 rounds // Minnie Mauser 7.63 // Ms. Anthrope the Mordant 17 // Roxy Rockett 77 // Trudy Struction 22 oz

Fin Addict 12 // 4 Leaf Cleaver 777 // Shadi Layne 46226 // Sweet C 6 //Ana Slays Ya 8 // J Roller 420 // Jen X 76 //Jane Ire 1847 // Mizz Understood 228 // Psychedelic Sandy 69 // Helluva Gudtyme 6669 // Blue Messiah N3 // Katya Lookin’ 3-2-1 // Cereal Killer 2 scoops

Dutchland vs. Carolina Bootleggers

In the undercard bout, up-and-coming Dutchland looks to make a splash in the first outing for their all-stars since attaining WFTDA status. They already have one impressive win over a WFTDA-league B-team, having dominated Charm City’s Female Trouble 160-63 in an September bout. More recently, they fell to WFTDA’s Harrisburg by a final of 124-96 in October, and then narrowly beat out non-WFTDA Wilmington in a 85-79 contest (correction: this win over Wilmington was by Dutchland’s B-team, the Blitz.) 

Dutchland is missing two of their star jammers here, with Cole Slaughter out with a broken foot and Irene Business having transferred south to Memphis Roller Derby, but retain Spawna Skatin’ and Twisted Scizzors as point-scoring threats. They also have a couple of extremely hard-hitting and dangerous blockers in Treasure Chest and Mary That Motha OH GOD!, along with a firebrand of a fearless jammer/blocker in O’Chit.

The Bootleggers, formed in 2008, lost their first two outings in August  — one to to the Philly B-team Independence Dolls 93-53 and one to the Charm City All-Stars 131-55 — but have won their last two contests, 103-70 in a November 2008 rematch with the Independence Dolls and 104-54 in December over Madison’s B-team, Team Unicorn.

The Carolina Bootleggers have some new faces in Bleedin’ Elle and ex-figure skater Lady Smackbeth, and will be captained by two transfers from out of state — Roxxy Slide (ex-Tucson) and Tuffy Twofists (ex-Wilmington.) They also have the services of a couple of very experienced All-Star vets, Princess America and Lucy Lastkiss, in their corner.

D’Vine Furie #6 // Bleedin’ Elle  #181 // Fairy Brutal #185 // FantaC #69 // KgBebe #-89.2 // Lady Smackbeth #24 // Lucy Lastkiss  #5 // Marcy Killer #27 // Deviled Legs  #8 // Pink Slip  #224 // Princess America  #1492 // Riva Derci #520 // Roxxy Slide #1.618 (c) // Tuffy Twofists # 42 (c)

Treasure Chest #777 (capt) // Twisted Scizzors #40 (co-capt) // Rachel Slur #4 // Hillbilly Hellcat #1218 // ThoroughBled #12 // Mary That Motha OH GOD! #667 // Josie Cuervo #21 // Spinal Snap #11 // Spawna Skatin’ #540 // Cherry Crush #337 // O’Chit #2 // Laverne N. Surly #1959 // Jolene Jawbreaker #3  // Bunny McBones #703

Additional reporting: Josie Cuervo, Roxy Rockett, Jane Ire

National coverage done damned well

With the impending flood I keep going on about, we’ll be talking more in the next few weeks and months about how to make the most of your media exposure opportunities.  In the mean time, take a peek at this very good CBS Early Show feature with the Garden State Rollergirls, followed by a little discussion from Belle N. Somebashin’ on the efforts GSRG took to lay the groundwork for a positive media encounter.

(a short ad precedes the feature)

Bleeding Heartland Squeaks by Derby City, 97-95

BLOOMINGTON, IN — Bloomington, Indiana’s Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls hosted Louisville Kentucky’s Derby City Rollergirls on their infamously slippery basketball court in Bloomington’s Sportplex—the same floor where the B-team from regional powerhouse Cincinnati, the Silent Lambs, had gone down to defeat only weeks prior. In a bout that seemed to last minutes, featured a late-game scoring controversy, and culminated in a heart-stopping final score of 97-95, it was not immediately clear who the winner was between these well-matched squads.

Derby City brought their best game–both mentally and physically prepared for the bout with a few new faces on the roster, including jammer Jensurgency (a transfer from River City Rollergirls in Richmond, Virginia), and a new Interim Coach, former speed skating champ Mo’Jo Sensei.  DCRG was eager to bring a little schoolin’ to this sleepy college town on a hot summer night, and everyone walked away with a wealth of experience.

Spectators were extremely vocal all night, reflecting the amazingly close see-saw score, as each team took turns getting as far as 15 points ahead of the other, before turning on the juice and coming back to even the score.  This was a 2 period bout using a hybrid ruleset, which may have put DCRG at an additional disadvantage, but both teams handled the challenge with commitment and tenacity. Bleeding Heartland maintained lead jammer status through most of the first period, with DCRG only finding their stride on the slippery track toward the end of the first.

Flatliner jammers Ka Ka Caliente and Badd Mudda Trucka performed as if they were born on their floor, and consistently slipped through the pack at the second turn, leaving DCRG’s jammers fighting to pick up as many points as possible in a defense-heavy game.  Still, with scores closing in on the 100 point mark, both teams were running great offense, as well.  DCRG’s temporary loss of two starting players, including the league founder Bad Penny (who spent the evening screaming for DCRG to “put them in the suicide seats!” from her wheelchair), meant that jammers were filling in for blockers—and it was a strategy that quite nearly worked.

By the time Flatliners captain Margles McNasty was passed the star by Badd Mudda Trucka near the end of the second period, Bloomington fans were at such a fevered pitch, you’d think it was a reshoot of the movie Hoosiers.  (Yes, Indiana, there is a new sport taking hold in the land of basketball.  We’re in ur court, jammin ur pointz.)

A controversial jam score in the second half led to a lengthy conference between refs and captains, as there was apparent disagreement on whether a opening pass had been incorrectly credited. In a bout so close, every point would prove critical. While Derby City fought valiantly through the final minutes, they couldn’t quite close the gap, falling achingly short at 97-95 — but making the Bleeding Heartland fans go wild for their victorious girls.

(Post-game, bucking the trend of contested scores getting in the way of good sportsmanship, the stats folks and refs from both teams worked together remotely to review video tape and discern whether or not points were inaccurately awarded to BHRG when no jammer was on the floor.  The matter was taken care of swiftly, cementing good relations between both teams.  Both teams look forward to a rematch on DCRG’s home track!)

Badd Mudda Trucka was BHRG’s high scoring jammer with 37 pts. Jensurgency was DCRG’s high scoring jammer with 45 pts.  Overall MVPs of the night as voted on by the Flatliners went to Spynn for BHRG and Dixie Dieway for DCRG.  Carrie A Glock, the powerful pivot from Derby City, injured her knee during the bout and was on the receiving end of a lot of support from fans of both teams.  As of this recap, her doctor has confirmed there will be no long-term damage to her knee, and she should be skating again in a matter of weeks.

Derby City Rollergirls host WFTDA’s Dixie Derby Girls of Huntsville, AL this weekend in Louisville, July 26 at 7 PM at the Fairgrounds.  The Flatliners take on COMO of Columbia, Missouri on August 23 for a rematch—and a double-header, as the Midwest Men’s Roller Derby team hosts the New York Shock Exchange.

Additional reporting: Biker Dave
Photos: Ron Nehrig