Boulder County Tumbles Grand Raggidy, 244-172

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Playing for 9th and 10th place, 6 seed Boulder County opened the final day of D2 playoffs against 10 seed Grand Raggidy. Grand Raggidy put up a solid fight against Boulder, nearly overtaking them in the second half, but intense penalty trouble–as has been the case throughout the weekend–proved Grand Raggidy’s undoing. Boulder took the win 244 to 172 and secured 9th place overall in the tournament.

D2KW: Outfit Calms Grand Raggidy, 202-153

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–The first game in the second day at Kitchener-Waterloo brought together two Midwest teams, the 5 seed Chicago Outfit and 10 seed Grand Raggidy. Grand Raggidy were favoured to win as the bout started (despite being 10 seeds) thanks to putting up a 331-105 win over The Outfit back in March.

D2KW: Gold Coast Frays Grand Raggidy, 213-197

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–The second game of the Kitchener-Waterloo leg of WFTDA’s division 2 playoffs was every bit as close as the first, but was a much scrappier encounter. Errors for both sides cancelled each other out as neither could get a particularly strong hold on the game, with both letting the initiative slip just as it looked like they might get a hold on the game.

D2 Kitchener-Waterloo Playoff Preview

D2 Kitchener-Waterloo Playoff Preview DC, Photo (c) James Calder ShutterThug

The second playoff of the 2014 tournament season has a number of milestones: it is the first playoff to be held outside the USA, and it is the first to feature a team from continental Europe.

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