Spring Roll: (8) Twin Cities Controls (9) Harm City, 195-70

FORT WAYNE, IN — When Twin Cities Terrors (#8 MRDA) and Harm City Homicide (#9 MRDA) met almost exactly a year ago at the 2011 Spring Roll, it was a fairly close match with the Terrors pulling out a 175-140 win. This time, things were very closely matched for the first twenty minutes, but the Terrors started pulling away late in the first and nearly completely shut down the Homicide after the halftime break, winning 195-70.

Preview: Spring Roll (MRDA Tournament)

Preview: Spring Roll (MRDA Tournament) Puget Sound won the 2010 Spring Roll elimination tournament; this year's edition doesn't have an elimination structure, but there's plenty on the line when they take on St. Louis and New York on Saturday.

FORT WAYNE, IN — Hot on the heels of reorganizing and rebranding, the Men’s Roller Derby Association (formerly the Men’s Derby Coalition) joins forces with the Fort Wayne Derby Girls to kick off their 2011 season in earnest with the largest men’s event to date in Spring Roll 2011. Last year, the single-day two-track event featured women’s bouts on one track and men’s on the other; this year, Saturday remains split but action will continue on Sunday with MRDA bouts on both tracks all day long.

New York Wins First MDC Championship Match

HAGERSTOWN, MD — The first official Men’s Derby Coalition season came to an end on Sunday, October 17 as the New York Shock Exchange played a dominant second half to defeat Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen by a final of 159-95 for the championship, and the hosting Harm City Homicide rolled over the Connecticut Death Quads by a final of 231-57.

New York, Pioneer Valley Face Off For First Men’s Championship

HAGERSTOWN, MD — The Men’s Derby Coalition completes its inaugural season with its first official championship doubleheader on Sunday, October 18, as the New York Shock Exchange and Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen meet to settle some unfinished business from the regular season in the title matchup and the hosting Harm City Homicide and Connecticut Death Quads battle it out for third place.