D1R: (8) Jacksonville Overturns (6) No Coast, 213-125

D1R: (8) Jacksonville Overturns (6) No Coast, 213-125 Photo: Tom Klubens

RICHMOND, VA–The last time these two teams met, No Coast brought a three-jammer rotation featuring Megan Harrington (nee Flash Gloria), heavily. That game leaned in No Coast’s favour with each team steadily adding in points, No Coast’s point additions outweighing Jacksonville’s at every jam. This game was not to replicate that performance, as Jacksonville instead emphatically claimed the win, 213-125.

D1R: (9) New Hampshire Flips (8) Jacksonville, 231-212

D1R: (9) New Hampshire Flips (8) Jacksonville, 231-212 Photo Credit: Jennifer M. Ramos

RICHMOND, VA–As New Hampshire’s first WFTDA tournament, their very presence here in Division 1 has exceeded league expectations–and provoked a general atmosphere of joy and jubilation as they took the first game of the playoffs, with an unexpected but hard-fought 231–212 win.

Preview: Richmond WFTDA Division 1 Playoff

This weekend, Virginia sees the second installment of the WFTDA Division 1 playoffs in the road towards Championships and the Hydra. And while this grouping of 10 leagues doesn’t have as many travel miles behind them on the way to the tournament as last weekend’s, it doesn’t make the road travelled seem any less long, metaphorically-speaking, with many of the leagues experiencing key team additions or subtractions, and dramatic alterations in game play on the way to these end-of-WFTDA-season games.

Power Rankings – April 2013

There’s a lot more action in the Power Rankings this month as teams start to kick off their seasons in earnest. We’ve got our first ranking debut of the year, and another team returning after a lengthy absence. Want to skip the reasoning and jump straight to rankings? Go on then.