D2DM: Jet City Flattens DC, 262-112

D2DM: Jet City Flattens DC, 262-112 Photo Credit: James Calder / Shutterthug

DES MOINES, IA–Jet City were on the line and ready to go three minutes before start time, with a very vocal cheering section willing them on before the first whistles had even gone.

Wild West Showdown: Jet City Shatters Emerald City, 196-131

Jammer Stats

Jet City
Ivana Hercha 6 Lead – 11 Total, 0 jams in the box, 57 pts
Pippy Longstalker 10-13, 1, 52 pts
Eva Derci 3-6, 1, 36 pts
Grr Rawr Rawr 7-11, 4, 31 pts
Tabula Rasa 2-2, 1, 14 pts
Nasty Nikki Nightstick 1-1, 0, 3 pts
Morticia Militia 1-1, 0, 3 pts
Emerald City
Betty Aim Fire 1-10, 0, 58 pts
Jala Pain Yo 5-8, 3, 31 pts
Grace Golden 4-12, 0, 27 pts
Wonder Dread 3-9, 0, 15 pts
Medusa Harm 0-3, 1, 0 pts
Psychotic Rage 1-2, 0, 0 pts
Ogden 0-1, 0, 0 pts

Q2 Homestretch 2012: West Region

Q2 Homestretch 2012: West Region 5W Rat City's June 23 game with 6W Bay Area will be a key test -- Bay has already faced tough competition with Rocky Mountain and Denver this year, while Rat City hasn't played a single game yet. Photo: Axle Adams.

UPDATE 4:30 CT — Updated to reflect results of VRDL / Silicon Valley at Dust Devil.

Big O: Jet City Survives Wasatch, 117-112

EUGENE, OR — After an hour of highly physical gameplay in which the referees’ whistles were rendered almost inaudible by warring chants from a passionate crowd, heavily favored Jet City (officially #8W via WFTDA) barely avoided a winless weekend by eking out a win against up-and-coming Wasatch (#17W) to finish 117-112. With their narrow loss to 14W Silicon Valley on Friday, Jet City’s results on the weekend seem likely to significantly shake up the rankings among second-tier teams in the WFTDA Western Regions.