D1S 3rd: Minnesota Slaughters Rat City, 197-142

D1S 3rd: Minnesota Slaughters Rat City, 197-142 Minnesota Rollergirls celebrate placing third at Sacramento playoffs, securing a place at Championships. Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign.

SACRAMENTO, CA–This was indeed a game of two halves and in the opening period, Minnesota looked set to roll right over Rat City, who struggled to break through Minnesota’s stalwart defence. But where Minnesota had doubled up on Rat in the first period, Rat did the same in the latter part of the second–but the run came too late. The margin established in the first three-quarters of the game saw Minnesota escape with a relatively comfortable margin, 197-142, giving them third place in this tournament and punching their ticket to Champs.

D1S: #9 Denver Ices #8 Minnesota, 185-93

D1S: #9 Denver Ices #8 Minnesota, 185-93 Denver Roller Dolls' Urrk'n Martin escapes the pack in their game against Minnesota Rollergirls at D1 playoffs in Sacramento, September 6 2014. Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

SACRAMENTO, CA–Minnesota came out of the gate strong in the last bout of day two and kept the first ten minutes pretty close, but Denver’s trademark demoralizing defense kicked in thereafter. That ultimately stopped up Minnesota’s¬†scoring and kept the Mile High Club in control of the game. Denver extended their all-time record over MNRG to 4-0 with a solid 189-93 win.

Preview: #2 Minnesota vs Tampa/BRRG

Preview: #2 Minnesota vs Tampa/BRRG Windy vs Minnesota, August 2014. Photos (c) Danforth Johnson

The third quarterfinal will see the second-seeded Minnesota RollerGirls looking to take the first step towards a return to Champs after a year away following an unfortunate draw last year that saw them beaten in the semis by Gotham only to fall to their oldest of enemies in the third place game.

Photos: Windy vs Minnesota v10

Photos: Windy vs Minnesota v10 MNRG's Second Hand Smoke. (c) Danforth Johnson

This was the bout that made it ten bouts against Minnesota without defeat for Windy City, and we’re all lucky Danforth Johnson was there to capture it.