Windy Repeats Minnesota, 129-123

Windy Repeats Minnesota, 129-123 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

MADISON, WI–In the nine times that Windy and Minnesota have matched up, WCR has always won, except in 2012 when the game ended in an impossible tie. On Saturday morning they met up on neutral ground in Madison, at the Fast Forward Skate Center for a sweaty rematch. Each team held the lead for awhile, while shutting out the other, and tied it up four times. Going into the last jam, they took the track tied up at 120, and Windy’s strong defense carried on their streak over Minnesota, 129-123.

Weekend in Review: June 14-15

Weekend in Review: June 14-15 Photo © Donalee Eiri. For prints, please visit

With two weekends to go, the 2014 playoff picture is becoming increasingly clear … so let’s take a closer look.

Team United Dumps Minnesota, 142-139

Team United Dumps Minnesota, 142-139 Photo Credit: Danforth Johnson

DES MOINES, IA–In April the newly formed Team United Roller Derby took on No Coast in Des Moines and lost 136-153. In June they had a rematch in Lincoln, and lost again,123-177. Their Facebook stated in early September they had a closed scrimmage with Kansas City and beat them 201-93, making the point just before playoffs that they were going to be a team to watch in 2014. It’s evident they can hold their own with the likes of high-ranked WFTDA teams, and taking on a big gun like Minnesota was an effort to show this off as they look to progress towards full WFTDA membership in the near future. And make a bold statement they did–they posted a 142-139 win over the Minnesota RollerGirls’ All-Stars at Des Moines’ Skate West.

St. Paul declares Oct 19, 2013 Minnesota Rollergirls Day

The City of St. Paul has declared October 19, 2013 to be Minnesota Rollergirls Day, celebrating the league’s tenth season that begins this Saturday.