D1FW 3rd: (4) London Controls (2) Montreal, 230-129

D1FW 3rd: (4) London Controls (2) Montreal, 230-129 Photo: Dave Wood.

FORT WAYNE, IN — For the third time in the last three years, London and Montreal faced off in the WFTDA playoffs — but for the first time, the contest was in the tournament’s third-place game, putting a guaranteed berth in the WFTDA Championships on the line. Montreal managed to play a considerably cleaner and tighter game than they had in their semifinal loss to Ohio on Saturday, but they were also up against a tougher opponent; London earned their first trip to Champs with tough, smart defense powering a 230-129 win.

D1FW Semi: (6) Ohio Boxes (2) Montreal, 212-149

FORT WAYNE, IN — In the second semifinal of the Fort Wayne Division 1 Playoffs, 6th seeded Ohio scored their second upset of the weekend by staying clean and smart against 2nd-seeded Montreal, who occasionally seemed to be firing a machine gun at their own feet. Montreal committed 12 jammer penalties, dug themselves a 78-point first-half hole and trailed by 62 at the half. Though the second half was nearly perfectly even at 74-73 Ohio, the underdog could afford to play a conservative endgame and rode a fine performance to a 212-149 win, a trip to the tournament final against top seed Denver, and a guaranteed berth in November’s WFTDA Championships.

D1FW: (2) Montreal Seasons (7) Wasatch, 188-159

D1FW: (2) Montreal Seasons (7) Wasatch, 188-159 Photo: Dave Wood.

FORT WAYNE, IN–In game five, Montreal looked to break a three-year losing run of opening playoff games against a Wasatch team still buzzing after thrashing Grand Raggidy earlier in the day. Wasatch led for almost the entire first half and periods in the second–but just didn’t have the legs to seal the deal. Ill-timed power jams buried Wasatch in the end and Montreal secured their place in tomorrow’s semifinals with a 188-159 win.

ECDX 2013: Montreal Shrugs Off Charm City, 211-168

FEASTERVILLE, PA–When these two teams last met it was Charm who came in heavily favoured, but Montreal who walked out with the victory. This time it was the New Skids on the Block who held the ranking edge over a Charm City–but it was revenge rather than rankings that was on the minds of the team from Baltimore.