D1S 9th: New Hampshire Crests Blue Ridge, 168-111

SACRAMENTO, CA–New Hampshire opened strong and were able to escape a second-half comeback by Blue Ridge to take 9th place at the first D1 tournament, 168-111.

D1S: #8 KCRW Frees #9 New Hampshire, 178-97

D1S: #8 KCRW Frees #9 New Hampshire, 178-97 Photo (c) Donalee Eiri

SACRAMENTO, CA–The opening bout of 2014 Division 1 playoffs was contested by two teams that met in playoffs last year. New Hampshire kept it closer this time–but KCRW took it 178-97.

Preview: #8 KCRW vs #9 New Hampshire

Preview: #8 KCRW vs #9 New Hampshire Annie Maul vs Game Ovaries (c) Sean Hale / Hale Yeah

Last year, in Richmond’s WFTDA D1 Playoffs, New Hampshire were the team that was simply thrilled to have made it to the arena. This year, with one season’s playoffs experience now under their collective belts and a 9th seed entry into the tournament, New Hampshire aren’t the new kids anymore. We’re likely to see more of their passionate enthusiasm, but with three months elapsed since their last sanctioned bout – a loss against 20th-ranked Ohio Roller Girls – and more losses than wins in their season history, the question of what kind of play we’re likely to see remains open.

D1R 7th: (10) Terminal City Tramples (9) New Hampshire, 250-154

D1R 7th: (10) Terminal City Tramples (9) New Hampshire, 250-154 Photo: Tom Klubens

RICHMOND, VA – At this point in the playoffs, both teams entered knowing neither was about to leave this game at a lower seed level than they had entered, win or lose. Given that New Hampshire took Jacksonville on the first day, and Terminal City had lost to the same team the second, this game seemed like it might be a foregone conclusion. But the trend of seeding upsets through the tournament continued into this one as New Hampshire’s first day discipline and cleanliness again deserted them. Terminal City’s lead jammer grabs handed them control from the second quarter of the game, when they took the lead and held onto it, widening the differential to 68 points, by the half, 132-64, and then continuing to a 250-154 win with the lead only ever seriously cut into by the Skate Free or Die All-Stars after Terminal had the game well won with a 55-0 run in the final two jams.