D1C: Philly Roller Girls Preview

MILWAUKEE, WI–It is perhaps the biggest cliche in derby that while jammers can win you games and packs can win you tournaments, it’s a team that wins the Hydra.

WFTDA Announces Championships Bracket

SALEM, OR–The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association drew the Championships bracket at the close of the last Division 1 Playoff. The four playoff winners–Gotham, Bay Area, Texas and Denver–have all earnt a first-round bye, while second- and third-place winners face a play-in round.

D1R Final: (2) Texas Rides Out (4) Philly, 253-210

D1R Final: (2) Texas Rides Out (4) Philly, 253-210 Photo: Jennifer M. Ramos

RICHMOND, VA–Since Philly’s 316-86 demolition at the hands of the Texecutioners at ECDX in June, the Liberty Belles have been on an 8-bout winning streak, while the Texecutioners have gone 4-2–but against a much higher calibre of opposition. Texas practically shut down VanEssa ‘V-Diva’ Sites that time out, leaving her with a -65 point differential for the day. If Philly were to have any hope of reversing the earlier result, she would have to have a good day–and her day was spectacular. It wasn’t quite enough for the Liberty Belles, but they were in it right up to the final jams–until two cuts on Devoida Mercy in the final minutes ended Philly’s hopes of an upset win. Texas took the bout 253-210 to claim top seeding in Milwaukee, and leave Philly with a play-in game against London or one of the third-place finishers in the two tournaments to come.

D1R: (4) Philly Clips (1) Angel City, 263-157

D1R: (4) Philly Clips (1) Angel City, 263-157 Photo: Jennifer M. Ramos

RICHMOND, VA–The first semifinal of the second WFTDA division on playoff was contested by two teams seemingly headed in very different directions. Angel City had been languishing in the Western region and struggling with the regional powerhouses when the new divisional structure was brought in, and an exceptionally strong home season saw them climb to #5 in the rankings to claim a top seed. Philly, near-constant Champs attendees had to give up their accustomed second seed from the east and come into this tournament seeded 4, with results this season suggesting they are a team on the slide as they struggled with jammer penalties putting up a number of very close scores against teams they would have previously been expected to blow away.