Power Rankings – May 2013

Now we’re cooking. May saw a couple of upsets, but most of what we learned came from the closeness of games that went the right way.

Wild West Showdown: Sac City sacks Emerald City, 199-108

Jammer Stats

Sac City
La Lucha 6 Lead – 13 Total, 4 jams in the box, 91 pts
Too Short 9-14, 2, 56 pts
Spankenstein 11-15, 4, 52 pts
Emerald City
Jala Pain Yo 4-10, 3, 39 pts
Ogden 5-11, 0, 27 pts
Wonder Dread 1-5, 0, 21 pts
Lauren Neel 2-5, 0, 11 pts
Betty Aim Fire 3-8, 2, 10 pts
Medusa Harm 0-2, 0, 0 pts
Psychotic Rage 0-1, 0, 0 pts

Rollercon: #9 Philly Upends #2 Rose City, 259-101

LAS VEGAS, NV — When DNN #2 Rose City faced off against #9 Philly in the first Saturday game of WFTDA action at Rollercon 2012, one of the biggest stories of the game happened before the first whistle–a recent knee injury to White Flight forced her to watch from the sidelines, while neither Soulfearic Acid or the injured Scald Eagle travelled with the Wheels of Justice.

Big O: Sac City Annihilates Sick Town, 275-30

EUGENE, OR — It was over almost as soon as it started when the Big O’s two WFTDA-apprentice teams matched up against one another; Sac City (Sacramento, CA) smashed Sick Town (Albany, OR) by a sobering margin of 245 points, 275-30. It was the biggest blowout on the women’s side of the weekend.