SC Consolation: 7SC No Coast Outruns 9SC Tallahassee, 229-148

LINCOLN, NE — A bout dominated by single-pass jams ended up being decided by some huge No Coast power jams in the first period. Tallahassee mounted a fine comeback to win the second half by 50 points–but it wasn’t nearly enough to dig themselves out of the 131-point hole they found themselves in at the half. No Coast progressed to the fifth-place game with a 229-148 victory.

SC Consolation: 9SC Tallahassee Outpaces 3SC Houston, 230-194

LINCOLN, NE — A game marked by massive penalty trouble for both sides saw 9SC Tallahassee upset 3SC Houston, 230-194. Both teams seemed incapable of keeping their blockers on the track, with packs frequently dwindling to four or even three skaters, but the bout turned on a couple of key power jams for the team from Tallahassee; Houston’s nickel-and-dime approach kept them in the game to the end, but they were ultimately unable to come back after falling behind late in the first half.

SC Playoffs: 8SC Omaha Outpaces 9SC Tallahassee, 201-142

LINCOLN, NE — In the opening game of the WFTDA South Central playoffs, 8SC Omaha guaranteed themselves their best-ever regionals finish with their first opening-day playoff victory in three attempts, registering a 201-142 win over a disjointed 9SC Tallahassee team getting their first taste of playoff action. It was a fast-paced and high-scoring affair, despite a penalty-light first half; untouched scoring passes were a feature for both sides, with both jammers usually free by the end of turn two.

Preview: 2012 WFTDA South Central Region Playoffs

Preview: 2012 WFTDA South Central Region Playoffs 6SC Atlanta will be fighting for an invitation to the championship tournament they're hosting on the first weekend of November; 2SC Kansas City looks to absorb the losses of Kelley Young, Eclipse, Hall Balls, Case Closed and Archie Lee. Photo: Randy Pace.

LINCOLN, NE — For the second time in three years, the No Coast Roller Girls host the WFTDA South Central Playoffs in Lincoln, Nebraska. With nine of the 12 qualifiers for November’s WFTDA Championships in Atlanta already set, this weekend will fill out the remaining slots — and a drawing following the final game will set the bracket for Championships.