D1S 5th: Tampa Somethingpunnys Terminal City, 181-156

D1S 5th: Tampa Somethingpunnys Terminal City, 181-156 Tampa's bench celebrate their win over Terminal City at Sacramento playoffs. Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

SACRAMENTO, CA–Terminal City could well claim the credit for the popularity of the star pass at this tournament, after relying heavily on it during last year’s playoffs season–and it was again much in evidence in their close loss to Tampa in the fifth place game. Smart play got them within a point of Tampa late in the second half and kept them within ten in the game’s closing minutes–but Little A capitalised on an inopportunely-timed last-second track cut by Maiden Sane to bring Tampa home strong and secure them fifth place with a 181-156 win.

D1S: #7 Tampa Vexes #6 Santa Cruz, 278-101

SACRAMENTO, CA–On paper this match looked set to be close, with the 7-seeded Tampa Roller Derby challenging 6 seed Santa Cruz, and the first fifteen minutes delivered on that promise. From then, though, it was all Tampa all the time as Santa Cruz struggled to keep their skaters on the track and break through the Tantrums’ heavy defence. Tampa punctuated their dominance emphatically, closing the game with a 10-minute 64-0 run to secure a 278-101 victory.

Preview: #7 Tampa vs #10 Blue Ridge

The teams contesting the second game of day one in Sacramento had very different playoff seasons in 2013. Tampa came into Richmond with high hopes of improving on their seeding but dropped down to 9th after an upset by 10-seeded Terminal City on day one. Blue Ridge didn’t just see playoffs in the 2013 season, but they also went to Championships in Milwaukee, placing third.

Weekend Preview: 14-15 June, 2014

There are a little over two weeks left this season and the WFTDA league table is taking shape.