D1S 5th: Tampa Somethingpunnys Terminal City, 181-156

D1S 5th: Tampa Somethingpunnys Terminal City, 181-156 Tampa's bench celebrate their win over Terminal City at Sacramento playoffs. Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

SACRAMENTO, CA–Terminal City could well claim the credit for the popularity of the star pass at this tournament, after relying heavily on it during last year’s playoffs season–and it was again much in evidence in their close loss to Tampa in the fifth place game. Smart play got them within a point of Tampa late in the second half and kept them within ten in the game’s closing minutes–but Little A capitalised on an inopportunely-timed last-second track cut by Maiden Sane to bring Tampa home strong and secure them fifth place with a 181-156 win.

D1S: #5 Terminal Dismisses #8 Kansas City

SACRAMENTO, CA–Saturday’s third consolation game saw #5 seed Terminal City up against #8 seed Kansas City (KCRW). KCRW was trying to bounce back from a crushing 519-17 loss to top seed Gotham in Friday quarterfinals, while Terminal City was coming off a Saturday-morning 377-76 win over #9 seed Blue Ridge. After a relatively close first half, Terminal City delivered a much more effective second effort and their second rout of the day, whomping KCRW 263-115.

D1S: #5 Terminal Curtails #10 Blue Ridge 377-76

SACRAMENTO, CA–Day two of D1 playoffs kicked off with a matchup between #5 seed Terminal City (WFTDA #18) and #10 seed Blue Ridge (WFTDA #41). This was the first game of the consolation bracket; Blue Ridge lost to #7 seed Tampa 337-74 in the second game of the weekend, while Terminal City lost to #4 seed Rat City 191-142 in game six last night.

D1S: #4 Rat Edges Out #5 Terminal

SACRAMENTO, CA–The #4 seed vs #5 seed is always the game to watch at playoffs, and the Sacramento square-off between #4 Rat City (WFTDA #16) and #5 Terminal City (WFTDA #18) was no exception. The bout was a barnburner from start to finish, with Rat City edging Terminal out 191-142.