Preview: #4 Rat City vs #5 Terminal City

The #4 vs #5 game is often the highlight of the first day of any WFTDA playoffs–and on occasion the entire tournament. On this occasion it’s taking up the headline spot at 2000 PDT, and we hope it lives up to that headline billing.

Bumper Roll-up, 24 July, 2014: Everything’s Bigger in Vegas

Bumper Roll-up, 24 July, 2014: Everything’s Bigger in Vegas London vs Gotham (Photo (c) Moneyshot)

Welcome, slightly belatedly, to the 2014/15 regular season!

The Big O: What We Learned

The Big O provided bouts up and down the WFTDA and MRDA ladders. We’ll be addressing the MRDA results separately, so watch this space. But on to WFTDA…

Bay Area Relieves Terminal, 357-96

LOS ANGELES, CA–On the final day of the tournament, and the first publicly ticketed day, we saw yet another new meeting for Terminal City. This game went much as might have been expected from the start, with Bay Area identifying themselves only by number, and not names, a shift in approach that perhaps mimics Gotham’s notorious ‘hive mind’ approach, sloughing off even the transition generally in roller derby towards legal names. This approach was certainly echoed in their play, as they take a solid and all-but-interchangeable approach to gameplay.